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Professional development certificates

We offer a range of unique certificates outside of the curriculum as a way of continuing your professional development. These certificates are designed to develop skills that have been identified by employers as being vital for success in the workplace. Your attainment of these certificates will be recorded on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), which you can show to employers.

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Digital Literacy

To succeed in an increasingly digital society, you need to be savvy about how it can be used to enhance your life and career, as well as the potential threats that come with the territory. Workshops for this certificate focus on issues such as online identity, copyright, the reuse of digital information, digital etiquette and digital forms of media.

Coaching Practice

This certificate aims to develop your ability and confidence to conduct effective coaching conversations. You’ll have the opportunity to practise the key skills required for effective coaching as well as the importance of building rapport with clients. These skills are useful in many other contexts, including teaching, consultancy and managing people.

Professional Communication

This certificate aims to develop your professional communication skills and promote your understanding of the working environment. It’s designed to make the link between communication and employability, which is pivotal for your personal and professional growth. Workshops will explore theories and concepts around communication in relation to the world of work. Using this preparation, you’ll undertake a short work placement which concludes the certificate.


The primary focus of this certificate is the process of institutional environmental auditing. You’ll research an aspect of sustainability on campus, undertake a sustainability audit, explore ways of addressing the problem and design solutions which will be presented to the University.

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Eva Cahill

Eva Cahill
Liberal Arts alumna
Disciplinary Interest: History

"The workshops for the Certificate of Professional Communication combined useful and practical skills with interesting topics. This often led to discussions which ensured that the workshops were engaging.

Additionally, because the workshops were comprised of students from both Liberal Arts and Global Sustainable Development, the ideas which were brought forward were more varied and provided a platform for greater dialogue amongst the group.

The guest speakers were also an appreciated feature of the workshops because they provided great, in-depth knowledge on subjects and were able to answer questions accordingly.

The work that we completed in the workshop, I imagine, will help me in the workplace as the skills developed and exercised are transferable to many different workplaces. Since some guest speakers were from different industries, the knowledge that they shared with us would ensure relevance in the workplace environment."