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Maintaining the Faculty of Arts events calendar

The events calendar displayed to the public at is automatically populated by feeds from several calendars across the Faculty. This page documents how the calendar and feeds populating the calendar are set up and how a site editor can manually add an event to the calendar.

How to manually add an event

  1. Go to This page is not displayed in the local navigation and is used purely as a mechanism to manually add events to the public-facing calendar.
  2. Select Create event in the calendar toolbar.
  3. Fill in the event details as normal.
  4. Select the appropriate tags describing the event.
  5. Ensure you select the tag Faculty of Arts calendar.
  6. Select the Create item button.
  7. Check that event is displayed on the public-facing calendar at

How the calendars work

Events posted on departmental sites automatically display in the Faculty of Arts public-facing events calendar at if they have a tag matching any of the tags specified in the public-facing calendar's page properties.

The long-term aim is for the public-facing calendar to display any event on a departmental site tagged Faculty of Arts. Currently, the calendar is using a larger number of tags to show useful content.

Event feeds are passed through several filters before appearing on the public-facing calendar. The flow of information is as follows:

1. Departments/centres post events on their own calendars

We are currently taking feeds from the following calendars:

2. Composite calendar

Feeds from all of the calendars listed above go into a page using the composite calendar template at This page is not displayed in the local navigation or search engines.

The composite calendar is a custom page template and any changes to it (eg add, remove or edit department/centre calendar URLs) needs to be done by the IT Services Web Team (contact webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk). It is not possible for site editors to update the content of the composite calendar using SiteBuilder.

At this point, the composite calendar is showing events in the feeds listed above with any tag.

3. Calendar filter page

All events in are being fed into the public-facing calendar at

The public-facing calendar uses the calendar filter page template. This template is being used so that we can choose to only display only those events matching specified tags. You can control which tags to allow in the page properties:

Screenshot of template page properties

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