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Research Govenance

Good Research Practice

The University is committed to ensuring good research practice amongst all its staff and students who undertake research at the University or in the University's name. As such the University Council have recently approved the Research Code of Conduct which must be read, understood and adhered to by all those involved in research at the University. The University already has an established set of policies and procedures (including the Financial Regulation 14) which should be followed for all externally funded research. Research Support Services standard pre and post award processes will assist and support colleagues throughout the life of a research project.

Research Governance

(specifically related to research involving human participants).

Good research practice includes additional elements of regulation in response to recent developments regarding research involving human participants. Following the introduction of the Department of Health's Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care in 2004, which defines good research practices as they relate to health and social care , the University has developed additional procedures to comply with the standards of research governance set within this Framework. These procedures have been implemented with effect from the 1st October 2005.


Research Ethics

Good ethical conduct is a vital prinicple of good research practice and the University's Statement on the Ethical Conduct of Research should be adhered to when undertaking research with any ethical considerations.