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Learning Design Consultancy Unit

Learning Design Consultancy Unit

The LDCU takes a community-of-practice approach to supporting the design and development of technology-enhanced active learning to enhance the student experience.

The LDCU follows a pedagogy-first approach, exploring technology as a potential enabler within teaching and learning. Through evidence-informed discussions, collaboration and co-design the LDCU provides an opportunity for staff and students to come together, share experiences and develop/explore ideas around the design of creative, inclusive and accessible technology-enhanced active learning


This space is here to help guide you through the design and development of a blended learning project. Further information to follow shortly.

ABC Mini Sprint

The ABC Mini Sprint is useful for anyone who is planning to deliver online and blended learning. Based on Laurillard’s 'Conversational framework' this mini sprint will help structure thoughts and discussions around design in the TEAL space.


The LDCU is made up of volunteers from across Warwick who support and champion innovative approaches to blended learning. If you have a question about blended learning and would like to develop an idea further we have a team of colleagues who would be happy to help.

Peer Dialogue Connect is another great resource available via WIHEA Connect that may also be of interest.

Further information can be found here.

Community of Practice

The LDCU takes a community-of-practice approach and we host a number of events throughout the year to bring colleagues together to share their experiences around blended learning, co-design and technology-enhanced active learning.

Find out more about the LDCU TEAL forums and TEAL roundtable discussions here.

Find out more about upcoming and previous events/workshops here.

Warwick staff and students can join our LDCU community here.


TEALfest is an annual online festival open to all staff and students at Warwick and beyond. This festival of technology enhanced active learning is an opportunity to come together and share TEAL experiences, ideas and research.

Watch this space for information about upcoming TEALfest events as we develop the format for the future.

Take a look at the TEALfest Archive for recordings and further information from previous events.


Over the past couple of years we have hosted a number of workshops on a range of topics from asynchronous learning to accessible practice online, from discovering the world of Moodle data to developing learning communities. You can find more information about previous sessions here and resources here.

Talking Online Learning Podcast series - This podcast series aims to capture voices from across the university. Each episode records the different experiences, challenges and solutions associated with online teaching and learning. Find out more here.

Digital Pedagogy Library. This is a WIHEA funded project developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts. The aim of the project is to provide a space through which to record, collate and disseminate information about digital pedagogy in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Warwick. Find out more here.

Contact us

If you have any questions, woud like to share your experiences or contribute to our community of practice you can contact us via

Join the LDCU online community here.


The term Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) is used to incorporate all forms of teaching and learning supported by technology. In our move to more blended, distance and flexible online delivery the term TEAL, is used to capture the shift in focus towards the more active participation of the student.