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Transcribe audio using Word


The provision of a transcript with an audio recording is becoming a legal requirement. It is also a great learning tool. Encourage your students to listen to the audio, focussing on understanding, and to use the text transcript to delve into the detail and to take notes.

This is a simple approach, available to all Warwick members through Office 365. It uses the dictation features of online version of Microsoft Word. Upload an audio file into the dictation system for a Word document (it seems to work with MP3 and WAV), and a transcript is created. Look through the transcript to correct any obvious mistakes. You can also play the audio, and correct the transcript line by line. Then transfer part or all of the transcript into the Word file, which may then be shared with your students.

There may be a limit to the amount of audio a single user can transcribe in this way. Possibly 5 hours a month.

Watch this video demo to find out how.