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TEAL Roundtable Discussion

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Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Roundtable Discussion

The LDCU TEAL Roundtable discussion sessions involve a conversation around a particular theme. In these sessions we are joined by a panel of staff and/or students who share their experiences on a range of topics. These sessions are safe spaces for staff and students to discuss hopes, fears, ideas and inspiration. They are not recorded, instead we share a brief written summary from the event outlining key points raised.

Details about future events will be availble shortly.

Below is an archive of previous events together linking to a summary of topics discussed.

TEAL Roundtable Discussion – Engaging learners in the online environment
Wednesday 19th January 1-2pm

Many thanks to the following panel members who joined us for the first LDCU TEAL Roundtable Discussion:

Roxanne Douglas, Teaching Fellow, English and Comparative Literary Studies
Sara Hattersley, Associate Professor, Academic Development Centre
Gioia Panzarella, Assistant Professor, Global Sustainable Development
Sarah Penny, Programme Manager, Institute of Advanced Studies

You can see the full summary here.

If you would like to share your thoughts and experiences around this topic it is not too late. You can contribute to the related Padlet and share challenges, opportunities, tips and questions. [Link]


TEAL Roundtable
Discussion Summaries

Engaging learners in the online environment summary.

TEAL Forum

The TEAL Forum is a place to share experiences, ideas and seek support related to online learning. Find out more about the TEAL Forum here.