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TEALfest 2021 Programme

Registration for TEALfest 2021 is now closed. Joining instructions for registered attendees will be sent on Friday 7th May.

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Any time activities

Pandemic Reflections Jessica Humphreys, University of Warwick

Using polling to facilitate learning and teaching Rhiannon Taylor, Steve Locke-Wheaton and Jade Millar, University of Warwick

Monday 10th May

Mon 10th May Stream 1

TEALfest Welcome

TEALfest committee, University of Warwick


Harnessing Edtech to enhance the post-pandemic learning experience and support student wellbeing

Professor Parama Chaudhury, UCL


Maximising student engagement in pre-recorded lectures

Anna Tranter and Amy Stickels, University of Warwick


AVsolutely Fabulous

Christopher Wood, University of Warwick


Online teaching in Applied Linguistics - lessons learned

Tilly Harrison, University of Warwick


Accessible and inclusive learning online: challenges and opportunities

Jessica Humphreys and Kerry Pinny, University of Warwick


Connecting a Teaching Community: PGR Digital Teacher Hub

Josh Patel (PGR), Matteo Mazzamurro (PGR). Matt Harwood (PGR), Pierre Botcherby (PGR) and Sara Hattersley, University of Warwick


Drinking From the Firehose: Learning and Evolving During the Pandemic

Graeme Knowles, Edwina Jones, Celine Martin, Diana Shore, Paul Dobie, Kim Watts, Nicola Knowles, Trudy Spencer and Angela Clarke, University of Warwick

Tuesday 11th May

Tue 11th May Stream 1

Technology, Trauma and Triumph! Using creativity to help make sense of a challenging year of online teaching and learning

Sara Hattersley and Jim Judges, University of Warwick


What happens next: some global perspectives on hybrid teaching plans for 2021/22

Dr John Couperthwaite, Echo360


Building and maintaining an online community - a case study and discussion of good practice

Poonam Dave and Erika Hawkes, University of Warwick


Warwick Internship Programme “weathered the storm” with TECHNOLOGY

Laileng Fong, Marion Patel and Jo Murray, University of Warwick


How you could - and why you should - become a scholar of Technology Enhanced Active Learning

Dr Brett Bligh, Lancaster University


KISS and TEL at TEALfest

Cath Fenn, University of Warwick


Wellbeing break

Grab a coffee, read a good book or go for a walk. Post pics on the foyer channel!

Wednesday 12th May

Wed 12th May Stream 1 Stream 2 Stream 3

Being a part of 'Our Place' in a disrupted world: Designing a transformative and connected learning experience at the University of Sydney Business School during and post COVID

Prof. Peter Bryant, University of Sydney




Protecting the community - how 3D printing research helped bring students back onto campus

Elizabeth Bishop, University of Warwick

Reframing design to focus on learning: Exploring metaphors

Dr John Kirkman and Jim Judges, University of Warwick







Warwick Core Skills - Creating a Moodle Wiki

Ninna Makrinov and volunteers, University of Warwick

Supporting and enhancing teaching and learning with Vevox

Joe Probert and Isabel Whitley, Vevox

Checking Out Moodle Checklists

Chloe Agg, Alexa Kirkaldy and Andrew Brendon-Penn, University of Warwick



Roundtable discussion: Wellbeing in the online environment

Dr Elena Riva, University of Warwick, Dr Kate Lister, Open University, Dr David Lees, University of Warwick and Shree Jemahl, University of Warwick and panel TBC




CANCELLED The Analogues Last Stand


Reflections from doctoral researchers on the transition to teaching online during a pandemic

Zhizhuo Su, Di Wang, Yiduo Wang and Dr Lauren Schrock, University of Warwick

Cold Calling: Superior Schooling or Super-Scary Tactic?

Dr Kate Owen, Maya Siriwardena and Charlotte Blackmore, University of Warwick


Thursday 13th May

Thurs 13th May Stream 1 Stream 2

Roundtable discussion: Dual-Mode (Hybrid) Teaching Sessions

Amber Thomas, (Chair, University of Warwick), Prof. Nicola Whitton (University of Durham), Dr Richard Walker (University of York), Dr Melissa Highton (The University of Edinburgh) and Michael Detyna (King's College London)



Podcasting: Learn from a professional

Jemima Rathbone, Somethin' else



Mobius - An individualised online maths resource for widening participation

Judith Brown and Shaheen Charlwood, University of Warwick

Moving the immersive Sprint female development programme online: Panel Discussion

Anne Wilson, Jane Eley, LaiLeng Fong, Ninna Makrinov and students TBC, University of Warwick


LDCU Open Discussion TEALfest Special

Jim Judges, Carmela Esposito Faraone, Rosa Nazzaro, Kim Watts, Dr Roxanne Douglas and Dr Cath Lambert, University of Warwick



MS Whiteboard - A digital tool for collaborative online tutorials

Dr Stefan Roesner, University of Warwick


CANCELLED Nurturing an authentic learning community (through Emergent Strategy)


Pandemic Reflections (Discussion)

Jessica Humphreys, University of Warwick


Change, teaching practice and technology: A conversation with Dr Donna Lanclos and Prof. Lawrie Phipps

Dr Donna Lanclos and Prof. Lawrie Phipps, Jisc



Reimagining Education

Naomi de la Tour, Tiana Holgate, Hannah Perry, Jennifer Kitchen, University of Warwick and La Shonda Lipscomb, Seattle Central College


Friday 14th May

Fri 14th May Stream 1 Stream 2

Synchronous to asynchronous: Transforming face-face workshops for online

Emma Brown, University of Warwick

'Show, Tell, Share!' How can we take the 'positives' from our learning during the pandemic forward?

Alyson Quinn, Dr Debbi Marais, Richard Clay and Prof. Lesley Roberts, University of Warwick


Designing and Evaluating Communities of Practice Online - Building IAS's Virtual Postdoc Learning Community

Dr Sarah Penny, University of Warwick


Avoiding teaching into the void: exploring 'unreal' forms of online presence and connection

David White, UAL



Future Learning Spaces Design Sprint in Miro*

Dr Robert O'Toole, University of Warwick

This will demonstrate the methods used in the IATL Introduction to Design Thinking module, and consider how they may be useful to teachers in designing learning. Intro video. (Note this is separate to the Warwick Estates Department Future Teaching Spaces Project)



Revisited: Technology, Trauma and Triumph! Using creativity to help make sense of a challenging year of online teaching and learning

Sara Hattersley (Senior Teaching Fellow, Academic Development Centre) and Jim Judges (Senior Academic Technologist, Academic Technology), University of Warwick



Some Tips on Online Teaching

Dr Yinghong Shang, University of Warwick



All Duck Or No Dinner? Reflecting on TEALfest

Jessica Humphreys and Kerry Pinny, University of Warwick