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Dr Peter Fossey

Senior Teaching Fellow

Contact Details

Academic Development Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 8UW | Find us on the interactive map
external tel: 024765 73568 | internal ext: 73568


Pete completed his BA (2006-09), MA (2009-10) and PhD (2010-15) in the Philosophy department, at the University of Warwick. After his PhD, he moved to St Mary's University, Twickenham, where he was Lecturer in Philosophy for a year, before taking up a permanent post as Senior Lecturer, and secondment as Programme Director for Philosophy and Politics. In the following two years at St Mary's, he was lead proposer on a suite of three undergraduate degree programmes in politics which were successfully validated in May 2018, and contributed to development of two postgraduate degrees; as well as collaborating with colleagues to design new philosophy modules.

Pete returned to the University of Warwick in October 2018 as an Academic Developer with the ADC, and became a Senior Academic Developer in 2019. He leads the PGA in Curriculum Development for HELink opens in a new window; is co-lead on the APP TE programmeLink opens in a new window for staff new to Warwick; is a member of the LDCULink opens in a new window team; and contributes to CultivateLink opens in a new window. He is a mentor on the APP EXP programmeLink opens in a new window, and an assessor on all of ADC's Pathways to accreditation.


Pete's interests include curriculum development, especially underlying theories of curriculum design; academic integrity, as an academic virtue and a design consideration; philosophical theories of teaching, learning and education; and affective/emotional dimensions of education from both staff and student perspectives. His PhD thesisLink opens in a new window is on the relationship between wanting to do something and having a reason to do it; and his focus has subsequently broadened out to include philosophy of emotions, some issues in normative ethics and meta-ethics, and philosophy of education.


Fossey, P. (2022) “Emotion Work and the Artistry of Teaching”Link opens in a new window in King, H. (ed) Developing Expertise for Teaching in Higher Education: practical ideas for supporting educational development, ch. 16, p.231-244 (Routledge)

Fossey, P. (2015) "Illusions of Value"Link opens in a new window in Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, vol 9, no. 2.



Decolonising academic development at the University of Warwick: Travelling without a mapLink opens in a new window
Dr Letizia Gramaglia, Dr Jennie Mills, Sara Hattersley, Jess Humphreys, Dr John Kirkman, Dr Peter Fossey, Dr Kerry Dobbins, Oliver Turner.
Decolonising HE Academic Practice (online)
Birmingham City University


Hard to Place: why post-pandemic teaching doesn't fit the PGCert mold
Dr. Peter Fossey & Dr. Jennie Mills - University of Warwick
Adapting and Thriving: The PGCert in Teaching in HE
University of Birmingham


"Emotional Labour and the Artistry of Teaching"Link opens in a new window
HEPPP Research Network Symposium
UWE Bristol


"Imagination and the 'Virtuous Peasant'"Link opens in a new window
Iris Murdoch Society Centenary Conference
St Anne's College, Oxford University

"Awkwardness, Uncertainty and NormalityLink opens in a new window"
European Philosophical Society for the Study of Emotions Conference
University of Pisa

"Burdens, Badgering and Burnout: Feedback as Emotional Labour"Link opens in a new window
Warwick Education Conference
University of Warwick

"An emotion-work perspective on giving and receiving feedback"Link opens in a new window
University of Plymouth


“Imagination as a Guide to Reality” (Lecture series introduction)
Royal Institute of Philosophy Local Branch Lecture Series
St Mary's University, Twickenham

“The Self-Effacement Problem”
Research Seminar
St Mary's University, Twickenham

"A Flipped Classroom Approach in Teaching Philosophy"Link opens in a new window
Learning, Teaching and Assessment Conference
St Mary's University, Twickenham


“Distraction-based Accounts of Akrasia”
European Society for Philosophy and Psychology Conference
University of St. Andrews


"The 'Iron Pyrites of Love': distractions, illusions, and weakness of will"
Research Seminar
St Mary's University, Twickenham

“Practical Reasoning in the Background”
Joint Session of the Aristotelean Society and Mind Association (Open session)
University of Warwick


“Defending the Phenomenological View of Desires”
European Society for Philosophy and Psychology Conference
University of Messina at Noto

“Desiring as an Evaluative Attitude”
Understanding Value III
University of Sheffield


“The Practical Syllogism and the Naturalistic Fallacy”
Open Minds VIII
University of Manchester

“Expressions of Desire in the Practical Syllogism”
London-Warwick Mind Forum


“The Practical Syllogism and the Naturalistic Fallacy”
Postgraduate Seminar Series
University of Leeds


Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (awarded March 2023, through APP EXPLink opens in a new window)

Advance HE Collaborative Award for Teaching ExcellenceLink opens in a new window (awarded to LDCU, 2022)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (awarded October 2017)

Nominated for a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence, PGR category (2014)

Image of Dr. Peter Fossey
Dr. Peter FosseyLink opens in a new window

Pete is an Assistant Professor, working in the Academic Development Centre (ADC), in Senate House.

He completed his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Warwick in 2015, and has experience in lecturing, programme management and curriculum design.