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Rachel King (CES) WATE winner

I am deeply committed to creating a positive learning environment where UK and international students feel welcome, cared for, and engaged throughout their studies. I enrich students’ knowledge by using a range of experiential, embodied and collaborative pedagogies. I have built a series of strong partnerships with local schools and regional and national theatre organisations to ensure that students have multiple opportunities to connect with communities beyond the University campus.

Rachel is an outstanding teacher who has made an enormous contribution to the establishment and development of the Centre for Education Studies. She is enthusiastic, hardworking, well organised and extremely creative. She is not afraid to try out new approaches and to develop innovative teaching methods. Feedback from her students and colleagues is always very positive and she has made a major contribution in a number of areas. She has developed projects with a number of other University departments and outside organisations. Rachel makes excellent use of research evidence to inform her teaching and the continued excellence of our MA programme is largely due to her pedagogic skills and the support she provides to individual students. Overall, she is an innovative practitioner who understands (and listens) to the needs of her students. Add in her determination and engaging personality and you have a brilliant University teacher.