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WATE 2020 Commendee: Andrew Hood (WMG)

The students who nominated Andrew Hoods say:

In the first few weeks, swamped with work about a course I had zero knowledge for, Andrew was the one lecturer I could go to. He was always happy to chat, like one of us not just the teacher at the front of the room, and I could tell him about how hard the work was without fear of judgement. But Andrew always has a way of reminding you why you’re here. We ended up talking about my future job opportunities, and I left feeling as excited as that open day.

Andrew's enthusiasm for the course is clear in his teaching sessions - it is impossible not to be focused as he always has interesting content. His assignments have a clear base-line, but allow a great degree of freedom,
meaning those experienced with the subject can deeply explore their own areas of interest, and continue to develop skills beyond the scope of the module, while those with less experience are able to improve their knowledge and skills - this is important for a course where subjects such as computer science are not
prerequisites - students with less coding experience are able to catch up without being put down. He is interested in every student and how they approach problems, and recognises their strengths and unique skill-sets - which motivates us to keep working harder.

Having attended one Dr Hood's seminars on the interactions and human factors to consider in engaging with people and after a very long discussion with Dr Hood I engaged with my local MP and Councillors to tackle and issue that has bothered me for some time. An issue that is of extreme importance as it effects all the pupils at the local school in which my eldest son attends. The encouragement I received from Dr Hood 'to make a difference' compelled me to push for safer road precautions around the school by engaging the aforementioned MP and Councillors. As an indirect result of Dr Hoods actions he ultimately helped me secure funding for £15,000 worth of new railings and safety measure to ensure that the children of my son's school remain safe. Without Dr Hood's direct influence on myself that would never of happened and the safety of those children would still be in question. In short, Dr Hood is a true facilitator of learning in not only academia but a facilitator/enabler of
inspiration, aspiration and self-betterment.

Andrew Hood is a Senior Teaching Fellow at WMG. He is part of the Cyber Security Centre.