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WATE 23 Collaborative award winners

About the Collaborative Awards

The collaborative awards recognise the work of teams and groups of people who create teaching excellence and have a positive impact upon student learning and the learning experience, and whose approach to collaborative working, their practices, behaviours, and values are in themselves excellent.

Winner - The Mobius Team

Mobius provides a flexible online learning opportunity for students to improve their maths skills and gain confidence in their own time and at their own pace. It provides individualised recommendations for next steps so that students can focus on the resources most relevant for them and gain the support they need through their own individualised pathway. Mobius was developed by a cross-faculty team of staff and students who worked collaboratively in the online Teams space throughout the pandemic lockdown and through regular online and later face to face meetings to share ideas and streamline workflows as the project scaled up. We have all learnt many things from working together and continue to develop our work with a shared vision of accessible and non-judgemental maths support for all.

About Mobius

Shaheen Hassan (WMG), Jesse Young and Judith Brown (FOLD) are the core members of the Mobius team. With the support of other staff and student making up the extended Mobius family, they created a flexible, online maths learning resource for all

Highly Commended - WBS Year 1 CORE Module Team

IB1450 CORE: Foundations, Skills and Debates is an interdisciplinary and compulsory module with 22+ seminar groups, delivered by a diverse team of tutors, lecturers, and markers. After and during the pandemic, the module underwent several transformations to accommodate cohorts of 500-700 students and continues to evolve. This academic year, the team worked incredibly hard to innovate assessment and feedback by implementing an AI feedback feature and integrating an additional formative assessment component. The team continues to innovate by focusing on expanding the diversity of teaching cases and maintaining high-quality assessment and feedback dialogue with the cohort.

About WBS Year 1 CORE Module Team

WBS Year 1 CORE team led by Associate Professors Juan Lopez-Cotarelo and Bo Kelestyn also includes Director of Teaching and Learning Enhancement Dot Powell, Professors Sue Newell and Mark Johnson, Associate Professors Achim Krausert, Camilla Maclean, and Isabel Fischer, Teaching Fellow Catherine Berrington, and Tutor Jude McNabb.

Commended - Chemistry Student Experience Team

We believe that the reach, value, and impact of ‘We are Chemistry’ are due to our work fostering a collaborative environment where students are not just recipients of a student experience, but active co-creators of innovative solutions to the challenges they encounter. This commitment comes from our joint understanding that students are more likely to engage, share perspectives, and collaborate when they feel safe, supported, and part of a community. This collaborative approach is a guiding principle of our work, allowing us to be responsive to evolving student needs. By adopting an ‘interest-based’ approach to co-creation, we empower students to collaborate with us in developing a holistic educational ecosystem that addresses challenges and finds solutions in areas that ignite their curiosity and enthusiasm.

About the Chemistry Student Experience Team

The Chemistry Student Experience Team, composed of Tom Ritchie (Academic), Adam Alcock (Professional Services), and Jess Man (Student), is dedicated to fostering collaboration with students and staff across the Chemistry department and beyond. Together, they lead the development and implementation of 'We are Chemistry,' a holistic educational ecosystem that transcends traditional curricular, pastoral, and non-curricular boundaries to transform the student experience.