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WATE 23 Community & Culture Award winner

About the Community and Culture Award

WATE Community and Culture is awarded to communities who work together to create, promote and sustain a culture which enables transformative education. People work together to build the conditions for teaching excellence, and a learning environment where all members of the community can thrive and grow as they work and learn together.

Winner - MBChB Team, Warwick Medical School

The MBChB is the UK’s largest graduate entry medical course. The community that works and learns together is huge and diverse, spanning higher education and NHS services, involving hundreds of learners and many more academic and clinical teachers and others who help produce almost 200 new doctors a year.

The Warwick MBChB is a unique community. In the words of our nomination, “I have honestly never worked with a better team of people and such engaged and motivated students”. We have gone from a ‘them and us’ rift between groups, particularly staff and students, to a community with a clear vision, built on the values of ‘The Warwick Doctor’ that seeks to value and include all. We are rightly nationally and internationally recognised for our co-creative and collaborative approaches and are seen as a model for both our EDI and collaborative curriculum development work.