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WATE 23 SEM winners

About the SEM Faculty Award

The SEM Faculty Award recognises the achievements of Warwick's outstanding educators who have enabled excellent learning, creating the conditions within which all students are supported and empowered to succeed and thrive.

Winner - Cornelia Juengst (Warwick Medical School)

 ‘A problem, a query or a puzzle that the learner wishes to solve makes a great starting point for effective learning’ (Boud 1985). For MBChB students these puzzles and queries go beyond academic and clinical objectives and include areas like professionalism, wellbeing, compassionate practice, collaborative working – just to name a few. I want to support students to become competent and passionate doctors, maintaining and cultivating the passion that motivated them to study medicine in the first place and equipped with the skills to thrive in the 21st century NHS.

About Cornelia

I have been an inner-city GP in Birmingham since 2008. In 2018 I turned my passion for medical education into a full-time role at WMS. Now I am part of the academic team supporting MBChB students in year 3 and 4 to become competent and passionate doctors.

Highly Commended - Tom Ritchie (Chemistry)

 At the core of my teaching philosophy is the establishment of active-learning environments that go beyond passive knowledge transfer. I actively engage students as co-creators in the design and delivery of modules, fostering collaboration and ensuring clear communication of expectations for their active involvement in weekly content and assessments. By integrating learning and assessment outcomes with data from the Royal Society for Chemistry, I motivate students to apply their knowledge and skills to address the complex challenges of the 21st century. Through my holistic education ecosystem approach to teaching, I strive to facilitate a transformative journey of self-discovery to empower students to actively participate and shape their own learning experiences, thereby reshaping their perceptions of themselves, their capabilities, and the world around them. 

About Tom

Tom is an Assistant Professor and Director of Student Experience in Chemistry. Drawing from his extensive background in Students' Unions and Education Incubators, he has developed a unique and holistic educational ecosystem approach to teaching. By going beyond traditional curricular, pastoral, and non-curricular boundaries, he elevates the student learning experience by creating an inclusive and transformative environment.

Commended - Sam Trouton (Chemistry)

My primary aim when teaching is to engage students with enthusiasm, demonstrating and transferring my interest, and hopefully motivating students as a result. In recent years I have developed a series of novel experiments and utilised innovative teaching approaches to promote student engagement. This year, my students have been making micro-litre-scale cups of coffee; producing and analysing their own biofuels; and studying the efficacy of sunscreens, mirroring real research at Warwick.

About Sam

Sam is a lab-focused teaching fellow in the Department of Chemistry, specialising in physical, analytical, and computational chemistry. Outside the teaching labs, Sam leads on software and science communication assignments; training and mentoring of graduate teaching assistants; and design and delivery of outreach initiatives.

Postgraduates who teach award: SEM Faculty

About the Postgraduates who teach award

We also celebrate the exceptional work of colleagues at a very early stage in their academic career, through the award for Postgraduates who teach and support learning in the SEM Faculty.

Winner - Joe Cregeen (Physics)

Student-centred learning is at the core of my teaching philosophy; I find that this is the best way for students to approach problems both creatively and collaboratively. During my time as a postgraduate I have had the great privilege of teaching many students and seeing the moment at which a concept or idea clicks for them is always a true joy. I always try to engender a relaxed, inclusive environment where all students feel like they can ask questions and work collaboratively with teaching staff to develop their knowledge and engage in their learning.

About Joe

I am a final year PhD student working in the Ultrasonics group, investigating novel non-contact techniques for the detection of corrosion using focussed ultrasound. I am passionate about passing on my enthusiasm for physics to the next generation– from primary school outreach work all the way through to teaching undergraduates.

Winner - Josh Davies (Chemistry)

Much of my teaching is based in the teaching laboratories, where I have had the pleasure of teaching Year 1-3 UG students and several PGT courses. I’ve designed and delivered a series of workshops for a third-year UG module and created a series of posters to communicate theory, practical skills, and assessment for use in UG labs. My teaching focuses on an enquiry-based approach to learning and creating an immersive style of delivery founded on clear communication of expectations, fostering a sense of the students being co-creators in their learning, which continuously receives positive feedback from students and teaching observations.

About Josh

Josh is a PhD researcher in polymer and colloid science in the Department of Chemistry. His research is focused on oil-based colloidal systems. Josh loves helping students draw connections between theory and practise and teaching the next generation of scientists. He is currently working towards his FHEA accreditation.

Commended - Anton Cleverley (Chemistry)

I try my hardest to give students the best experience they can get and to push them to be their best and have an enjoyable experience in the process. I love both chemistry and learning and I try my best at every opportunity not only to improve myself but bring up those around me. Students should not only get the best experience they can but also achieve the best they are able too whilst maintaining the passion that they have for choosing chemistry.  

About Anton

I’m a third year PhD student, I did my masters at Warwick on a 1 +3 programme in analytical science and did my undergraduate degree at the university of south Wales in Chemistry obtaining a 1st with honours and an award from the royal society of chemistry. 

Commended - Eleanor Molloy (WMS)

Excellence in teaching relates to how we as students, and teachers consider teaching/learning as an active process, my practice of which is continually developing. Teaching should consider not just how people learn, but also individual contexts of students and how this influences their learning and engagement and their future practice as healthcare professionals. As someone whose identity and research philosophy are rooted in intersectional feminism, I support students to consider differences within the group, and in how people access and have access to healthcare. Engaging students in the learning process allows us to go on a journey of discovery together.

About Eleanor

Eleanor Molloy is a Warwick Medical School (Health Sciences) PhD student. Her research focuses on inequities in access to healthcare. Eleanor’s PhD uses Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis exploring traumatic birth experiences for parents from marginalised populations. Eleanor supports teaching across Warwick Medical school on the Health and Medical Sciences degree.