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Find out more about the 2021 WATE team winners

Medical schoolMBChB teaching team

The Warwick MBChB team is now almost 20 years old and has now been responsible for the graduation of in excess of 2500 doctors. Containing both long term members and recent arrivals, academics, clinical academics, administration leads and team members, they form the core of an academic endeavour undertaken across the regional NHS involving many hundreds of NHS staff in multiple roles. Together, they develop and deliver the UKs largest Graduate Entry medical programme. The WMS MBChB team is an amazing team to work with.

They have built on their strengths and shown real commitment and flair in their response to the unprecedented challenge of Covid and have delivered one of the best responses of any UK medical school. Despite the stresses, they have found time to evaluate many initiatives with a view to embedding lessons for the future and have done all this in close, productive cooperation with students at a time when the student/staff interface has been at the highest potential strain. We are proud to work with every one of them.

Richard Tunstall and Erin FillmoreClinical Anatomy: MBChB programme

Richard is Professor of Clinical Anatomy and Imaging at Warwick Medical School and the Applied Surgical Anatomy Lead, Examiner and Quality Assurance Group Member at the Royal College of Surgeons. He is an internationally recognised author and editor (e.g., Gray’s Anatomy) and has expertise in medical and surgical education.

Erin is Associate Professor of Clinical Anatomy and Chair of the Medical Education Interest Group at WMS. She has more than 10 years of experience teaching specialised procedural and applied clinical anatomy. Erin is passionate about creating innovative ways in which to teach, and researching why passion/resilience are important in learning.

We develop and deliver the clinical anatomy curriculum within the four-year MBChB programme. Intentionally driving the learning process, providing a seamless and cohesive learning journey, and optimising the learner experience are at the heart of everything we do. In response to Covid we developed an inspirational curricular product that has enhanced the learning process, accessibility, inclusivity and learner experience no matter what the delivery format, while simultaneously being robust and flexible enough to cope with educator/learner absences or session cancellations. These new processes and resources have forever changed our conceptualisation of how clinical anatomy can be experienced, taught and learnt.