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WIHEA Fellows & Members

The WIHEA community is made up of fellows and members. Students, academic staff and professional service staff can become members of WIHEA and benefit from the many activities, events and networks the Academy offers, on the basis of a proven record of achievement in learning and teaching.

Staff and students are welcome to become a member of the Academy, if they can show that they are making a contribution to teaching and learning in their department or professional service and attend Academy events.

Members can join throughout the year, whilst Fellows are recruited once a year and remain in that role for three years.

Fellows are selected through an application and nomination route and commit to making an institutional contribution to learning and teaching at Warwick.
From an initial cohort of 41 Foundation Fellows, which consisted of staff and students who were each nominated via Faculty Boards and the Academic and Professional Services Committee (APSG) in September 2015, the Academy currently has 85 Fellows/Ex officio Fellows. Foundation Fellows were integral in supporting the inception of the Academy and enabled it to quickly become an established part of the infrastructure for learning and teaching at Warwick. Following their three-year Fellowship, the Foundation Fellows and Fellows that joined in 2016 have now become WIHEA Alumni Fellows - there are now 115 Alumni Fellows in total, boasting a wealth of knowledge and experience. The Academy aims to recruit a further 25-30 new Fellows each year; its most recent cohort comprised of 29 Fellows.

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