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AI in Education

This Open Learning Circle seeks to help WIHEA Fellows to understand and develop expertise in utilizing generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the educational context, from perspectives including teaching, learning, and ethical considerations:

  • Integration of AI Tools in Education: Explore discipline specific practical applications of generative AI in content creation, feedback systems, and classroom management. 
  • Personalization and Adaptive Learning: Explore the potential of generative AI in creating personalized learning paths and adaptive environments, and how AI can cater to individual learning styles and preferences, enhancing student engagement and success. 
  • Ethical Implementation and Policy Development: Address the ethical considerations associated with AI in education such as academic integrity, ensure data privacy, transparency, and ethical use of generative AI in educational settings. 

It seeks to acknowledge the significant and varied amount of work taking place across campus to address the above issues and will bring together contributors from academic, student and professional services fields of expertise to articulate and promote good practice and to deliver practical outcomes.

For more information and/or to join the Circle, please contact Neha Gupta (, Karen Jackson ( and Jianhua Yang ( The Circle is open to all members of the Warwick community.

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Current members of this Learning Circle include:

  • Neha Gupta (co-lead)
  • Karen Jackson (co-lead)
  • Jianhua Yang (co-lead)

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