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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Following the increased awareness of the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in education, we have created an open task and finish group which aims to review and ‘imagine’ the opportunities and challenges of AI in education, including assessments. Our vision is to deploy AI as a tool to support all students, independent of background and socio-demographic characteristics, to be successful in their studies and in their future work, while ensuring academic integrity. Alongside this, we aim to support educators feel confident in using AI effectively in promoting learning.

We are working in five (sub)groups:

  1. General AI in Education (AIEd) Opportunities & information sharing
  2. Novel and Diverse Assessment Designs: Subgroup 2 have developed a guidance document Link opens in a new windowon designing assessment that supports the use of AI.
  3. Feedback, Marking, Authorship Detection
  4. Designing Teaching Content - ‘what is out there being developed?’
  5. 'Red Team': AI Ethics and Academic Integrity
Article:'Rho AI – Leveraging artificial intelligence to address climate change: Financing, implementation and ethics'Blog: AI for Good: Evaluating and Shaping Opportunities of AI in Education

Please email Isabel Fischer ( or Leda Mirbahai ( if you are interested in joining any of the groups.

This subgroup of the Diverse Assessment Learning Circle is co-led by Leda Mirbahai (WMS) and Isabel Fischer (WBS)