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Artificial Intelligence in Education

Check out the new Learning Circle, AI in Education, for more on artificial intelligence in HE!

Generative AI: advice for students, produced by a student

Further background information on the report and resources:

The report to the top left “Transforming Higher Education: How we can harness AI in teaching and assessments and uphold academic rigour and integrity” represents our full findings from students and staff across six themes: (1) Fundamental questions around AI in education; (2) Implications for teaching, including helpful links for educators; (3) Issues of academic integrity and ethical concerns; (4) Principles of assessments when embracing AI; (5) Using AI, including generative AI, for formative dialogue and feedback; and (6) Thoughts on potential future conceptualisation, development and integration of AI tools.

AI report diagram

Below the full report to the left there are “Actionable Insights for educators to support teaching, learning and assessments”, summarising the above report for three aspects: (1) Teaching and Learning; (2) Formative Feedback; and (3) Assessments. In the left column, below the "Actionable insights for educators", there is a staff presentation on "AI in the classroom". Below this presentation, there is the same report as the one on the top left, but in a Word format. This is for easier re-use of information. Please reference/acknowledge the source when re-using material.

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