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Authentic Learning

This open Learning Circle, which was formerly led by Catherine Bennett, is now closed.

The Circle produced a number of resources around authentic learning. The University has now made such learning an important part of its practice, with initiatives such as the Warwick Award designed to give students the opportunity to experience authentic learning activities.

This was a group for everyone who is interested in bringing the real world closer to students through teaching and learning activity: for example, through a formalised curricular approach using problem or case based learning, through group work sessions or seminars exploring real world issues, case examples in taught sessions or projects with external stakeholders. At Warwick, we are equipping students to make a difference in the real world; this group aimed to support teaching and learning which enables students to start working on a wide range of issues before graduation, and also considered how we invite the real world in to the University and work with external stakeholders to ensure their voice is authentically heard by students.


  • To develop a 'Taxonomy of Authentic Learning & Assessment'
  • To define the pedagogy around what is authenticity in teaching & learning
  • To populate this with case examples from across the university
  • To produce a web page to showcase this
  • To produce a set of cards of ideas for making learning more authentic

Previous Meetings

On 20 June 2018, the group reviewed literature around authentic learning as part of our exploration of what authentic learning means, reviewing the following paper (pp. 75-79) and participants' chosen papers relating to a disciplinary application of authentic learning.

Current members of this Circle:

  • Catherine Bennett
  • Kate Owen
  • Chloe Agg
  • Liz Blagrove
  • Judith Brown
  • Jane Bryan
  • David Davies
  • Louise Davis
  • Gill Frigerio
  • Graeme Knowles
  • Rob O'Toole
  • Thomas Popham
  • Claire Rocks
  • Gavin Schwartz-Leeper
  • John Thornby
  • Hollie White