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Diverse Assessment

Assessment and feedback are critical stages in the learning process. Critical evaluation of our current practices both from student and staff perspectives will provide valuable insight into lived experience of our students, evaluating the suitability of the assessment designs and will help to enhance our practices.

With growing interest and need for diverse and inclusive assessment approaches that can promote higher-order thinking, interdisciplinary learning, and alignment with employability skills, this learning circle will provide a platform to think creatively about assessments, review current practices, share best practices and enable co-creation of assessment and feedback approaches that place the learner at the heart of the assessment approach.

This WIHEA Learning Circle will: 

  • Capture staff and student experience of assessments and advocate staff and student partnership in assessment design 
  • Identify areas of ongoing work, share best practices and solutions to problems 
  • Reimagine the future of assessments and curriculum design  
  • Make recommendations to help inform and steer the development of assessments at Warwick 
  • Act as a forum for new ideas and initiatives

If you wish to join this Learning Circle, please email Leda Mirbahai (

Current members of this Learning Circle:

  • Lewis Beer
  • Dawn Collins
  • Isabel Fischer (co-lead)
  • Peter Fossey
  • Celine Martin
  • Leda Mirbahai (co-lead)
  • Natasha Nakariakova
  • Pula Prakash
  • Farrah Vogel-Javeri