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Diverse Assessment

Assessment and feedback are critical stages in the learning process. Critical evaluation of our current practices both from student and staff perspectives will provide valuable insight into lived experience of our students, evaluating the suitability of the assessment designs and will help to enhance our practices.

With growing interest and need for diverse and inclusive assessment approaches that can promote higher-order thinking, interdisciplinary learning, and alignment with employability skills, this learning circle will provide a platform to think creatively about assessments, review current practices, share best practices and enable co-creation of assessment and feedback approaches that place the learner at the heart of the assessment approach.

Vision: Our vision is to foster an inclusive environment where assessments are designed and developed in partnership with students, staff, and external stakeholders, to effectively promote learning, valuing students’ uniqueness and considering their future employment(s) and wellbeing, as well as the social and environmental responsibility and sustainability of the wider community.


Mission. Our mission is to:

  • Gather existing data on practices around use of diverse and inclusive assessments, including Warwick staff and student experiences
  • Develop shared understanding of principles and practice of diverse assessment
  • Develop an evaluative framework for measuring the success of diversified assessment strategies at module, year, and course level
  • Capture student and staff views on diverse assessments


The Circle has produced blogs. Please visit the links below for more information:

Blog one: Interested in diverse assessments? Join our learning circle for an exciting grant-funded project on the future of assessments

Blog two: Creative Projects and the ‘state of play’ in diverse assessments

Blog three: A student perspective on assessment diversity and strategy

Blog four: One year on: Progress update on our Diverse Assessments Learning Circle

Blog five: Learning and suggestions based on implementing diverse assessments in the foundation year at Warwick

Blog six: AI for good: Evaluating and shaping opportunities of AI in education


If you wish to join this Learning Circle, please email Leda Mirbahai ( or Isabel Fischer (

Current members of this Learning Circle:

  • Akila Bakthavatchalam
  • Lewis Beer
  • Dawn Collins
  • Ursula Clayton
  • Jan Davison
  • Kerry Dobbins
  • Rosa Maria Fernandez Martin
  • Isabel Fischer (co-lead)
  • Peter Fossey
  • Molly Fowler
  • Robert Gainer
  • Ram Gopal
  • Neha Gupta
  • Lauren Ketteridge
  • Jenny Lloyd
  • Celine Martin
  • Heather Meyer
  • Leda Mirbahai (co-lead)
  • Natasha Nakariakova
  • Pula Prakash
  • Tom Ritchie
  • Lucy Ryland
  • Karoline Schneider
  • Matthew Voice
  • Farrah Vogel-Javeri
  • Leanne Williams