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Education for Sustainable Development

Given the climate emergency and the need to live in a more sustainable world, this Learning Circle aims at embedding sustainability in the University curriculum, in line with the UoW wider commitment to sustainabilityLink opens in a new window.

Sustainability is rapidly making its way into teaching and learning as well as in many other aspects of our lives such as social justice and economic development. Led by Lory Barile (Economics), this new learning circle aims to inform the institution on how to embed sustainable development in the curriculum and ensure that sustainability skills are co-developed by learners and educators.

Members of the Learning Circle, in consultation with key stakeholders and the wider Warwick community, will:


  1. Review existing approaches to sustainability in the curriculum across the University.
  2. Investigate examples of best practice across the sector relevant to embedding sustainability into HE.
  3. Create a collaborative community and a network of practitioners to explore how we can innovate and build on what we are doing already to tackle the sustainability challenges that we are facing.
  4. Produce guidance for teaching and professional services staff on creating a more sustainable learning and working environment.
  5. Identify ways climate justice pedagogy can inform inclusive education and explore possible mechanisms to embed them together across the University.

Given the complexity of the climate crisis, this learning circle adopts an interdisciplinarity approach to ensure that the localised expertise across Warwick is drawn upon to contribute to our response to climate change and promotes knowledge exchange and integration for students and staff.

If you wish to learn more and/or contribute to the work of this Learning Circle, please email Lory Barile (

Current members of this Learning Circle: 

  • Lazaros Andronis
  • Freeha Azmat
  • Lory Barile (lead)
  • Lewis Beer
  • Isabel Fisher
  • Modupe Olufunmilayo Jimoh
  • Nancy Olson
  • Zeina Rihawi
  • Evelin Sanderson-Nichols
  • Jessica Savage
  • Farrah Vogel-Javeri
  • Naomi Waltham-Smith
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