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Ace Week

Ace Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness, build community, and create change in society. Whether you're on the asexual spectrum, or are an LGBTQUIA+ supporter looking to know more about the experiences of those who are, this week's for you.

Our introduction to key LGBTQUIA+ terms and concepts includes asexuality and aromanticism - please feel free to share! There are also two key events running this week:

The Queering University programme offers activities and resources to support staff and students to develop queer pedagogies and perspectives, and LGBTQUIA+ inclusive practices.

Understanding the Asexual Spectrum

Thursday 26th 12-1pm, MS Teams (open to all staff and students)

What does it mean to be asexual, or on the asexual spectrum? What common experiences do people on the asexual spectrum face? How can we make our spaces more inclusive of people on the asexual spectrum?

This introductory session will explore these three key questions, and offer an opportunity for questions.

Please add this event to your calendar, and use this MS Teams joining link to connect to the session.

Please contact the Queering University programme with any questions via

Aspec Community Event: Art + Media Appreciation

Wednesday 25th October, 7-9pm, S0.19 (open to aspec community members only)

The Aspec (Asexual and Aromantic Spectrum) community is one often neglected and even erased in popular media. Where representation does exist it's few and far between, which is why highlighting where it does exist is incredibly important.

From Alice Oseman to Jaiden Animations and beyond, this Ace Week Warwick Pride will be enjoying media featuring aspec artists and creators as enjoyed by members of our community.

Join us on Wednesday 25th Oct from 7-9pm for our Aspec Media and Art Appreciation event, open to anyone who identifies under the Aspec umbrella.

Please contact Warwick Pride with any questions via