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Queering University

Welcome to the Queering University Programme

The programme supports staff and students to develop, implement, share and sustain queer pedagogies and perspectives. It encourages teaching & learning, pastoral, and other practices that are inclusive of trans and LGBTQUIA+ people, and improves understanding in the classroom and wider university settings.

If this is your first visit, or you need some help getting started:

News and events

New resources: LGBTQ+ Inclusive Teaching Model & Prompts

Our paired resources offer a practical introduction to using the Ward-Gale model for LGBTQ+ inclusive teaching & learning, alongside a set of reflective questions as prompts to assist you implementing the model in your teaching & learning practices.

Guidance and resources

This library draws together some key resources to support those wishing to engage with queer pedagogies, and LGBTQUIA+ inclusive practices.

Pride in Progress

Crafted with the expertise of our own community members, this workshop series offers a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding, enhance your confidence, and actively engage with LGBTQUIA+ inclusion practices.

The Pronouns Pledge

Taking our pronouns pledge makes it simple to engage with inclusive best practice on pronouns, and to build a movement of people taking these steps together.

Pronoun Badges

The Rainbow Taskforce bulk-purchased pronoun badges in order to make them available to staff and students. You can collect an individual badge, or request a set of badges for a group or event.


A collection of resources focussed on supporting LGBTQUIA+ students and staff, for community members and their supporters.

LGBTQUIA+ Inclusive T&L and Queer Pedagogy

Access support and guidance to develop your pedagogical practices, and connect with others on the same journey.

Queer & Trans Pedagogies Learning Circle

The learning circle brings us together to discuss, develop, and share best practice relating to trans-inclusive teaching and queer pedagogy.

Names at Warwick

We've worked with teams across the University to address issues with the use of legal name data. Find out how to update chosen and legal names (staff and student systems), how and when name data should used, and how to report any issues.

LGBTQUIA+ Staff Experience Insight

The programme is working with Social Inclusion to further our institutional understanding of LGBTQUIA+ staff experiences at Warwick.

LGBTQUIA+ Student Experience Research

The programme is seeking a better institutional understanding of LGBTQUIA+ students' experiences at Warwick.

Anonymous Question Service

We recognise that there are barriers to asking about LGBTQUIA+ inclusive and queer practice, and are committed to breaking down those barriers.

Guide to Being Trans at Warwick

This guide brings together information on the processes, policies, services, and groups you might want to access as a trans person at Warwick.

Trans Community Support Group

If you're a trans person, or are questioning your gender identity, this community support group offers you the space to discuss trans & gender identity issues in a relaxed environment.

LGBTQUIA+ Staff Network

The network provides an opportunity for LGBTQUIA+ staff to meet, share their experiences, discuss related issues, access information and support, and organise events.

Living Positively

We're supporting everyone to live, work, and study positively at Warwick. Access support for HIV+ staff and students, information on HIV testing and prevention, and develop understanding and allyship.


Connecting estranged students with support and community, educating supporters, researching students' experiences, and improving support, with the ultimate goal of improving estranged students' experiences at Warwick.

Of LGBTQUIA+ Interest at Warwick Arts Centre

Orlando: My Political Biography

19th - 24th July

Blurring the lines between reality and fiction, this fascinating film by trans writer, philosopher and activist Paul B. Preciado – a leading figure in the study of gender and body politics – is a playful, moving, metatextual documentary inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novelOrlando: A Biography, in which the protagonist famously changes gender.

Casting a diverse cross-section of trans and non-binary individuals in the role of Orlando as they perform interpretations of scenes from the novel, weaving into Woolf’s narrative their own stories of identity and transition, Preciado explores Orlando’s relevance in the fight for global trans rights.


26th July - 1st August

The bright, warm and novelistic new drama from Akin (And Then We Danced), Crossing won the Teddy Award Jury Prize for LGBTQ-themed films at this year’s Berlin Film Festival.

Retired teacher Lia (Mzia Arabuli) promised her dying sister that she would seek out her long-lost daughter Tekla. Together with cocky young Achi (Lucas Kankava), who offers to be her guide, she sets off for Turkey to find Tekla in Istanbul’s trans community. But locating someone who doesn’t want to be found is hard. Can Evrim (Deniz Dumanlı), a street-smart lawyer fighting for trans rights, help them?

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