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WIHEA / IATL Masterclass: Space to Learn, Design Principles and Impact Analysis

Design principles and Impact analysis of the Monash University Learning and Teaching Building
Monday 24 June

The new Learning and Teaching Building at Monash University supports the learning of over 55000 students annually across all faculties. From its inception, the building has been designed to promote active learning and collaborative learning at scale while supporting the informal learning needs of students. Key design features, student input to design, staff and student feedback, and impact analysis were presented at this Masterclass.

  Space to Learn Presentation Slides

Reflections from Prof Ryan:

"This was an excellent opportunity to share recent developments at Monash University with colleagues at Warwick. There was shared enthusiasm focusing on an evidence basis that demonstrates the impact quality learning spaces have on engaging our students in active learning. The potential of institution-wide education innovation programs was also shared demonstrating that these programs, appropriately articulated through the lens of each discipline, can lead to long term benefits for our students' education.

"I greatly valued the opportunities to share current findings and future plans at Monash and Warwick Universities."

Professor Kris Ryan

Academic Director, Monash Education Innovation

Professor Kris Ryan is the Academic Director in the Monash University Office of Learning and Teaching. Kris has taught large classes, typically in excess of 300 students, for over a decade. He is known for his animated and highly interactive approach, combined with his use of technology to reach large audiences. He has led course reviews, introduced contemporary teaching approaches, laboratories and novel teaching facilities.