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Gender-Diverse & Trans-Inclusive Teaching Workshop

Gender-Diverse & Trans-Inclusive Teaching Workshop

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Building on recent guidance for staff and students wishing to improve the learning experience for trans and gender-diverse students this workshop explored the guidance, and shared existing best practice at Warwick.

A trans person is someone who identifies as a gender different to that which they were assigned at birth. Gender-diverse people include those who identify outside of the gender binary of male and female (non-binary, gender queer, agender etc) and/or who do not conform to the gendered expectations placed on them. It is imperative that we develop our support for trans & gender-diverse students as they can often become excluded by the cisnormative and binary infrastructure of university institutions. Whilst steps have been taken to begin to address this in recent years, there remains much to be done.

The workshop was presented by a number of speakers and led by Sam Parr, Campaigns and Liberation Advisor (Warwick SU).

Here are some key resources from the workshop: