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Anti-Racist Pedagogy Teaching Forum

Anti-racist pedagogy banner

Developing an anti-racist pedagogical approach and practice


The Anti-Racist Pedagogy Teaching Forum provides a space for all teaching staff at the University of Warwick, including academic, PGR and professional services staff, to discuss how to develop and incorporate anti-racist practices and philosophies in their teaching. This is an opportunity for teaching staff to discuss challenges they have faced in creating an anti-racist classroom, but also to learn from the experiences of others.

Materials and topics discussed in previous meetings can be viewed via the Teaching Forum Moodle.

The Forum is managed by the WIHEA Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Practices in HE Learning Circle.

What is Anti-Racist Pedagogy?

Anti-racist pedagogy is an approach to education focused on challenging dynamics of power and dominant ideologies that reinforce systems and cultures of racial inequality in the classroom and in wider society. This approach to education, which brings together both Critical Pedagogy and Critical Race Theory, is not only concerned with course content, but is also focused upon how we teach and the role we occupy as educators in creating change in our university and communities.

There are a range of anti-racist initiatives happening at the University of Warwick. For more information on these and for related resources, please visit the Anti-Racism Resources page

How to take part

Each meeting of the Anti-racist Pedagogy Teaching Forum will include practice-sharing and discussion of key texts in the field, as well as other matters as raised by Forum attendees. It is a requirement of attendance that Forum attendees arrive on time for meetings – experience has shown that later arrivals make it much harder to establish and maintain shared agreements for open, honest and thoughtful discussion in this area.

Participants are welcome and encouraged to suggest topics and associated pre-readings for discussion at future Forums.

Upcoming Forum Dates

  • Forum dates for this year will be made available here within the next couple of weeks. To indicate interest in being kept informed of these dates, please contact Forum coordinators, Mark Hinton or Stefania Paredes Fuentes.