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Case Studies

In this section, you will find case studies from around the University of Warwick. These case studies were collected to provide examples of staff and students supporting trans and gender-diverse students. These case studies also provide examples of queer pedagogy in practice.


  • Warwick Stonewall 50 Celebration
  • Queer History Reading Group
  • Liberal Arts Induction


  • Sexualities, Ethnicity, Class: Reinterpreting the Holocaust (HI31Z)
  • Ways of Knowing: Gender, Bodies, Power (IL902)
  • Queer Sociology (SO358)
  • Modes of Reading (EN122)
  • Family Law (LA359) and Child Law (LA358)
  • European World 1500-1700 (2017/18 Core Module)


  • Queering Public History: Re/presentation and Identity - Museum of Transology
  • "Ugly as fuck", the Martha Stewart lifestyle; or, how does Tranimalism drag sashay gay away from gender?
  • Non-binary readings of Renaissance French love poetry


  • Learning Resources: 'LGBTQA+ people and health issues: developing sensitive and inclusive medical practice'
  • Rainbow Lanyard
  • Inclusive Teaching
  • Career Development
  • Queering Statistics
  • Technology