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Warwick Values

“…an environment where the ability to voice ideas is at its core, a place in which staff and students operate with mutual respect, with confidence that equality of opportunity is accessible to all.”

Warwick's Values are shared with all new students (via a Moodle course) and staff members to ensure that students have best possible experience when studying. Below are some particularly relevant highlights.

We treat everyone with respect.

  • Whilst freedom of expression is upheld and respected, it is important to ensure unpopular or controversial views are not expressed in a way that does not respect others.

We do not tolerate discrimination.

  • Here at Warwick we value individuality. Several types of discrimination are listed which trans and gender diverse students may also be affected by, including sexism, misogyny, transphobia, and discrimination based on gender identity.
  • In refusing to tolerate discrimination, Warwick hopes to remove all systematic barriers to equality within the University.

We do not tolerate sexual misconduct, violence or abuse.

We keep our campus and community safe.

  • Warwick does not tolerate violence, abuse, bullying and harassment. This means calling out inappropriate behaviour where it is considered safe to do so.

“We” means all of us, students and staff alike.

  • It is expected that staff model the behaviours that we expect from our students. Warwick expects staff to be held accountable and to welcome feedback from students.
  • Warwick believes in utilising education as a positive force.