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Monash Warwick Alliance: Visiting Educator Dr Chris Thompson

WIHEA & IATL were delighted to welcome Dr Chris Thompson, Associate Dean (Education) in Science & Senior Lecturer at Monash University who joined colleagues here at Warwick for a week under the Monash Warwick Alliance Visiting Educator Scheme.

Dr Chris ThompsonDr Jonathan Heron, IATL, co-ordinated the visit which took place at the start of the Spring Term (16 to 20 January 2017), with Prof Peter Sadler and Dr Isolda Romero-Canelon, Chemistry, to further develop the collaborative work with Monash which has enabled students to learn beyond the traditional boundaries of the arts and science.

Dr Chris Thompson is an education focused academic with an active research portfolio in education publications in chemistry and science pedagogy, and supervision of five PhD students in the field. As one of two Monash based leaders of the 'Performing Chemistry' project 2012-16, Chris has been involved in the design and implementation of the project since the begining, this visit enabled further exploration of the use of digital technology to make the practce sustainable.

Chris delivered a number of presentations within the Chemistry Department on innovation teaching and about sharing practices more widely through Unit Enhancement, Lecture Access and the roll-out of Peer Partnerships.

Also during his visit, Chris shared his insights and expertise with WIHEA Fellows and Staff from across the Univeristy during two interactive Masterclasses, where he facilitated discussions to explore the future of traditonal lectures and supported staff interested in pedagogical reserach.

More information on the topics covered in Chris's Masterclasses are below:

Is there a Future for the Lecture? An interactive workshop for Warwick staff around the theme of lectures, debating whether the 'lecture' is ready to be abolished or whether we are looking at a paradigm shift for the role of expert lectures. Presentation slides and video to follow shortly.

Getting Started in Pedagogical Research; this workshop was specifically for staff who were new to the field of pedagogical research. Presentation slides and and video to follow shortly.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Performing Chemistry Project or Dr Chris Thompson's visit please contact Dr Jonathan Heron, IATL by email:

For more information on Dr Chris Thompson, please follow this link.

Tue 10 Jan 2017, 09:35 | Tags: Visiting Educator

WIHEA Funding

WIHEA seeks to recognise, develop and embed outstanding academic practices that enhance student opportunities to ‘learn beyond boundaries’. Cross boundary learning, key to a Warwick education, enables students to challenge knowledge and engage with the world critically both during and beyond their studies.

WIHEA currently has three strands of funding:

  • Learning & Teaching Project Funding: to enable collaborative partnerships between staff and students to directly improve the learning experience
  • Peer Consultancy; aimed at embedding outstanding academic practices across the institution
  • International Visiting Schemes; to develop and embed internationally recognised outstanding practice, whilst at the same time providing students the opportunity to challenge and engage in an international context

To ensure activities funded through WIHEA align closely to Warwick’s strategic, policy and emerging institutional considerations, we expect our WIHEA Fellows to take on the project/visit leadership and consultancy roles. However, colleagues from across the university are welcome to join or initiate bidding with a WIHEA Fellow. To help you find a WIHEA Fellow please refer to our list of WIHEA Fellows on our website.

The Autumn Funding Call for Projects and Consultancy has now closed, outcomes will be communicated shortly after 27 January 2017. Further funding for Projects and Consultancy may be available and we remain open for applications for our visiting schemes. For further information on each of the strands, please visit the links provided above. If you have any questions, please email

Wed 14 Dec 2016, 17:23

Threshold Concepts & Troublesome Knowledge: A Transformative Approach to Learning

Prof Ray Land, Director of The Centre for Academic Practice, Durham University visited Warwick on 29 November 2016 to present to Fellows and staff from across the university. Prof Land provided an outline of the thresholds approach followed by an exploration of its implications for curriculum design and academic practice both in a research-led context and in an environment where, with the TEF looming, issues of learning gain and student satisfaction with their learning experience are increasingly prevalent. A recording of the presentation will be available here shortly, but further information on the theory is also available at: 

Wed 23 Nov 2016, 10:11

WIHEA Learning & Teaching Project Funding Event

After a hive of sharing and networking activity at the recent WIHEA project funding event, staff and students now display the outcomes and learning from their projects through a selection of posters.

During 2015/16, WIHEA awarded 18 project teams with funding through the Student Engagement Programme to enable staff and student project teams to develop collaborative partnership models across departments, to optimise the student experience and enhance learning outcomes. The funding covered staff and student time to plan; deliver and evaluate a range of assessment & feedback, research linked teaching and technology enhanced practice (Digichamps) projects.

The event that took place on 16 November 2016 in the Chancellors Suite, enabled those involved to share the learning amongst other project teams and with the wider University. Following a welcome by Prof Chris Hughes, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), the display of project posters provided an opportunity to meet and learn more, creating a buzz of information sharing over a buffet lunch. An electronic version of the posters remain available to view from the 18 project links on our Project web page along with contact details of the Project Leads, should you wish to find out further information.

Details of our next learning and teaching project funding call will be made available very soon.

Wed 19 Oct 2016, 10:51

Congratulations and Welcome to our new WIHEA Fellows

The Fellows of the Warwick International Higher Education Academy take on institutional or Faculty roles that help embed good practice in learning and teaching across the university. This can take many forms. Fellows (staff and students) can bid for specific projects that become available throughout the year (with given themes) that aim to embed agreed practice, or review and redesign existing practices. Fellows may also represent the academic ‘teaching’ voice at Warwick by taking part in the formal governance of the University of Warwick, for instance by joining committees, sub committees and working groups and also have the opportunity to inform our strategic and practical thinking on learning and teaching at Warwick, as and when new challenges or ambitions arise. Fellows are able to develop expertise in areas of interest to them and seek to develop influence within the institution to enhance practice and policy.

Further to the completion of the Autumn 2016 selection process for this year's new Fellows, we are delighted to welcome 22 new Fellows. For further information on the role of our Fellows, please visit our Fellows web page and the full list of our current WIHEA Fellows is available here.


Mon 03 Oct 2016, 15:18

Students invited to lunch - Digital Capabilities

On Monday, 17 October 2016, undergraduate students from any year or discipline were invited to play an important role in influencing the design and content of learning resources being developed through Warwick's alliance with Monash University, Australia. Over lunch and refreshments students previewed a series of short films created through the Monash Warwick Alliance and gave their feedback to contribute to shaping this new initiative and enhance student digital capabilities with the aim of helping students to make smart use of technology in their learning and helping us to know what matters to them. Further information on this project is available from the IT Services web pages.

Thu 29 Sep 2016, 16:12

WIHEA's First International Visiting Teaching Fellow

The Academy was delighted to welcome Geoff Malleck from the University of Waterloo in Canada, our first International Visiting Teaching Fellow. Hosted by Careers and Skills, the primary focus of Geoff's three-week visit in June was exploring the principles and conditions that drive the ‘Creativity-Innovation-Entrepreneurship’ Continuum and the relationship with economic prosperity and culture.

Foundation Fellows, particularly engaged with Geoff's round table discussion on Pedagogy and Creativity in the curriculum and the WIHEA Masterclass on Reflection, Pedagogy and Assessment, which received excellent feedback and will shortly be available on video.

Other events included Cafe Enterprise, with social enterprise funding being awarded by a panel and an Enterprise Question Time Debate, Chaired by Prof Stephen Roper, Director of Enterprise Research Centre, WBS where Geoff joined by panel members Robin Foale, Managing Director for the Universities Division of Santander UK, Prof Christina Huges, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching & Learning), Johnny Luk, CEO of National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE), Viki Cooke, Founding Director of Britain Thinks, Entrepreneur and Vice-Chair of University Council and Dr Phil O'Donovan, Entrepreneur.

Wed 31 Aug 2016, 12:45

Opportunities for International Visiting Teaching Fellowships

The WIHEA International Visiting Teaching Fellowship and the Monash Warwick Alliance (MWA) Visiting Educator Scheme are both designed to attract leading practitioners in teaching and pedagogical innovation to Warwick to undertake a programme of engagement with a wide cross-section of the University. We are looking for International Academics that have made an impact within their specific field of teaching, innovation or enhancing the student experience.

International Visiting Teaching Fellows and MWA Visiting Educators must be nominated by a WIHEA Fellow who is a permanent Warwick academic staff member, if you would like to find out more about nominating and hosting such a visit, please email Lisa Drummond, Academy Administrator for guidance and a nomination form on

Wed 31 Aug 2016, 12:34

A 'Space Walk' for WIHEA

Thursday, 21st July 2016 saw members of the WIHEA (Warwick International Higher Education Academy) and TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) Forum taking a “space walk” – an organised walk to visit some of the many creative teaching and learning spaces we are so lucky to have at Warwick.

The tour of Creative Spaces organised by Foundation Fellows Becky Woolley (The Teaching Grid), Sarah Foster-Ogg (WBS) and Steve Maggs (WMG) on behalf of WIHEA - was an opportunity to network, take a stroll and view how a range of spaces are being used to provide engaging teaching for Warwick’s students. Our itinerary took in the Teaching Grid, WBS Create, WMG’s Turn and Learn space, the Humanities Studio and a “mystery space”. Further tours, which will include the new Teaching & Learning building are being planned for the new academic year, if you are interested in joining one, please email

Wed 31 Aug 2016, 11:16

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