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Visiting Educator Schedule for Dr Craig Hassed, Associate Professor, Monash University (10 June to 1 July 2017)

Our next WIHEA visiting educator being funded through the Monash Warwick Alliance Visiting Educators Scheme will be Dr Craig Hassed, Associate Professor from Monash University. The visit is being hosted by Prof Sarah Stewart-Brown, Professor in Public Health at Warwick Medical School.

Dr Hassed was one of the pioneers of mindfulness teaching in medicine, who embarked on the development and delivery of a wellbeing and mindfulness module in the late 1990's at the same time as one or two pioneers in the US. Although starting with elective modules for both students and GP's as the US pioneers were doing, Dr Hassed went on to develop a core curricululum course for the first two semesters of the medical school course. He was first in the world to do this and has been instrumental in introducing a variety of innovations into medical education and practice in Australia and overseas, with an emphasis on the application of holistic, integrative and mind-body medicine in medical practice.

Date & Time



15 June


(Lunch Provided)

For mindfulness facilitators and students at Warwick Medical School only.

This free workshop specifically focusing on Mindfulness in Medical Education. To attend please complete the on-line booking form.


16 & 17 June

(Delegate Rates)

Two Day Conference on Mindfulness in Health and Higher Education

Alongside other international experts in the field, Dr Hassed will provide a Keynote, workshop, contribute to two panel discussions and a brief performance as the Mindful Bard at the conference Dinner. For information on delegate rates and booking, please follow this link.

Scarman House

19 June

Keynote at the Universities’ UK Conference on Mindfulness in The HE Sector


28 June

12-2 (lunch provided)

and 2-4 (refreshments & snack provided)

WIHEA Masterclass: for all staff across the University

12pm for staff relatively new to Mindfulness

2pm for staff interested in or wanting to teach Mindfulness within any discipline.

To attend either or both sessions, please complete the on-line booking form.

Teaching Grid, The Library

29 June


(Lunch Provided)

For anyone teaching or interested in teaching Mindfulness in Midlands based Medical Schools

To attend this one day free workshop please complete the on-line booking form.

SO. 09.

30 June

Key Note lecture at Honourable Society of Inner Temple Conference Wellness for the Legal Profession

The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple

If you wouyld like to find out more about Dr Hassed's itinerary during his visit or potential collaboration opportunities, please contact Prof Sarah Stewart-Brown at

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Monash Warwick Alliance: Intercultural Communication

Dr Sophie Reissner-Roubicek (Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick) teaches on the MSc in Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions and the BA in Language, Culture and Communication. In addition to designing and delivering blended intercultural training for professionals and students across disciplines and international, Dr Reissner-Roubicek's expertise in intercultural competence in applied settings is highly relevant to current work at Monash University. In particular, the focus on developing interventions to increase students ability to apply and articulate intercultural competence.

Funded through the Monash Warwick Visiting Educator Scheme, Dr Reissner-Roubicek's visit to Monash University at the begining of May 2017, will extend the collaboration with Dr Normand-Marconnet which was formed through the Monash Warwick Alliance Intercultural Competence project in 2016, when a three-stage training programme for students on study abroad was piloted and the project created a Train the Trainer resource for educators. The visit supports the continuing rollout of this training at Monash by building capacity in the post-experience section of the programme to help students' articulate their learning outcomes to employers and also contribute to the Monash Intercultural Competence Strategy by sharing a model of curricular skills development in intercultural teamwork that is applicable to educators in quantative disciplines.

During her visit, Dr Reissner-Roubicek will deliver a workshop to staff to introduce the interactive, digital learning resource and attend a networking breakfast for staff and students which will feature Intercultural Competence and Graduate Employability. The visit will provide Warwick with an insight into current approaches at Monash, including the delivery and evaluation models for the co-curricular training programme 'Leap into Leadership - Connecting across Cultures module as well as pilot projects taking place in the Faculties of Arts, Law and the Business School.

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Monash Warwick Alliance: Visiting Educator Dr Chris Thompson

WIHEA & IATL were delighted to welcome Dr Chris Thompson, Associate Dean (Education) in Science & Senior Lecturer at Monash University who joined colleagues here at Warwick for a week under the Monash Warwick Alliance Visiting Educator Scheme.

Dr Chris ThompsonDr Jonathan Heron, IATL, co-ordinated the visit which took place at the start of the Spring Term (16 to 20 January 2017), with Prof Peter Sadler and Dr Isolda Romero-Canelon, Chemistry, to further develop the collaborative work with Monash which has enabled students to learn beyond the traditional boundaries of the arts and science.

Dr Chris Thompson is an education focused academic with an active research portfolio in education publications in chemistry and science pedagogy, and supervision of five PhD students in the field. As one of two Monash based leaders of the 'Performing Chemistry' project 2012-16, Chris has been involved in the design and implementation of the project since the begining, this visit enabled further exploration of the use of digital technology to make the practce sustainable.

Chris delivered a number of presentations within the Chemistry Department on innovation teaching and about sharing practices more widely through Unit Enhancement, Lecture Access and the roll-out of Peer Partnerships.

Also during his visit, Chris shared his insights and expertise with WIHEA Fellows and Staff from across the Univeristy during two interactive Masterclasses, where he facilitated discussions to explore the future of traditonal lectures and supported staff interested in pedagogical reserach.

More information on the topics covered in Chris's Masterclasses are below:

Is there a Future for the Lecture? An interactive workshop for Warwick staff around the theme of lectures, debating whether the 'lecture' is ready to be abolished or whether we are looking at a paradigm shift for the role of expert lectures. Presentation slides and video to follow shortly.

Getting Started in Pedagogical Research; this workshop was specifically for staff who were new to the field of pedagogical research. Presentation slides and and video to follow shortly.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Performing Chemistry Project or Dr Chris Thompson's visit please contact Dr Jonathan Heron, IATL by email:

For more information on Dr Chris Thompson, please follow this link.

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