A one minute video is created using PowerPoint with attention to colour, text, animation, and music. This video is shared with students to update them on new resources available on Moodle as well as upcoming teaching sessions. The intention of the video is to provide important information in a lively way, therefore working as an alternative to email. The videos are also personalised to include featured messages to encourage our students.


Excessive emails can be a challenge to wellbeing. This is because the frequency in which emails invade inboxes can take away time that is already precious. Hence, receiving too many emails can decrease the desire to engage in reading or responding to each one. In addition, emails that are text heavy can be difficult to follow. Therefore, it is important to experiment with alternative forms of communication that may help to share key information in a fun way that is quick to digest.

Short videos are a way to understand key communications in a multi-sensory way. The use of background music can help set a mood, which can be difficult to do in an email. Furthermore, the use of colour, images, and animations can improve the liveliness to how the information is shared as well as separate key material to provide structure.

The benefit of this short video has been a unique way to communicate important information whilst sharing encouraging messages to students in a personal way. Through different fonts, colours, and cartoon representations of staff, this video captures personality and care for the students in a memorable way.

How it Works

  1. Create video on PowerPoint with attention to text, colour, animation, and music.
  2. Upload video to Microsoft Stream.
  3. Share link to video to student susing Teams.

Practical Example

Video link here

Individual Perspective

I learned a lot about PowerPoint when designing these videos. There are YouTube tutorials available on how to create different transitions, characters, and scenery in PowerPoint.