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Dr Leda Mirbahai and Dr Hollie White

Dr Leda Mirbahai and Dr Hollie White, Senior Teaching Fellows at Warwick Medical School, visited Monash University from 25 - 29 March 2019.

Warwick Medical School (WMS) launched the BSc Health and Medical Sciences (HMS) course in September 2020. Interdisciplinary learning was been placed at the heart of the curriculum design and assessment strategy for the HMS course. The aim is to develop graduates that are highly capable of drawing knowledge from multiple disciplines and perspectives, including predominately the fields of medical sciences and health sciences, working across the traditional cultural and disciplinary boundaries to develop novel strategies for managing global and local problems in health. As a result, it would be highly beneficial if students could gain first-hand experience of how differences in national health policies, regulations, priority areas can impact and define a country’s vision, policy directions and strategies for ensuring the health of its population in response to health problems.

During their visit to the University of Monash, Dr Leda Mirbahai and Dr Hollie White met with Professor Dragan Ilic (Head of Medical Education Research and Quality (MERQ) unit at the School of Public Health & Preventive Medicine) and Educational Designers Dr Raya Darcy, Dr Allie Ford and Dr Kirsten Schliephake. As part of the visit, multiple discussion sessions mapped initial plans for co-creation of a joint module that would focus on investigating similar problems in health from the different, yet overlapping, perspectives of the health care systems of Australia and the UK. This would be the first Warwick-Monash co-creation of an exchange module offered to students enrolled onto the WMS BSc Health and Medical Sciences course and Monash BSc Health Sciences course. As an additional workshop, Dr Mirbahai and Dr White were introduced to the innovative online learning platform ‘integrating Science And Practice’ (iSAP), that assisted the Warwick-Monash module design team in developing and delivering the main content of the joint module. iSAP is an online platform designed to deliver interactive holistic case studies that can encourage deeper reasoning abilities, reflective skills and enhance a learners capacity to integrate various knowledge domains. To support the development of the joint module, both course teams aimed to apply for a joint education fund.


Meeting to discuss the structure of the Health and Medical Sciences Course (offered at Warwick Medical School), the Health Sciences course (offered at University of Monash) and the joint WMS-Monash module. From left to right: Dr Hollie White, Dr Raya Darcy, Dr Leda Mirbahai and Professor Dragan Ilic


Workshop on ‘integrating Science And Practice’ (iSAP) hosted by Dr Allie Ford and Dr Kirsten Schliephake. From left to right: Dr Hollie White, Dr Leda Mirbahai and Dr Kirsten Schliephake