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WIHEA Student Fellows reflect on transition to online learning

WIHEA Student Fellows participated in an inspiring discussion on 25 February 2021 as part of the Extended Classroom (TEL) Forum, organised by the Academic Development Centre. The Forum represents an opportunity for staff and students across the institution to come together and share practices, new developments and work together on using technology to support teaching and learning.

On this occasion, WIHEA Student Fellows participated in a discussion on the experiences of online teaching and learning, reflecting on the challenges, opportunities and hopes the last year has brought. They joined academic staff who also shared their experience of teaching in a pandemic and their ways of developing personalised teaching and learning experiences.

The contribution of the WIHEA Student Fellows to the discussion was highly valued by many staff across the university, with a keen interest shown for more opportunities to openly discuss changes with students and foster a common understanding of the reciprocal challenges faced by both lecturers and students.

We are proud of the insightful contribution of our WIHEA Student Fellows and we are keen to extend the conversation on the new teaching and learning environment between students and staff.

If you have any ideas of ways in which WIHEA Student Fellows can engage and contribute, we would be very happy to hear more at

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You can read more about the event and watch the recording here.