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Extended TEL Classroom Forum

The Extended Classroom (TEL) Forum is a collaborative space for colleagues across the institution who have an interest in the use of technology to support teaching and learning. It is an opportunity to share practice, network with colleagues, showcase new development and ideas and work together.

Our online community is on Teams and you can join here. if you have any questions or ideas to share this is the space to do it. In addition we have bimonthly meetings where we share experiences, projects, ideas and questions with each other.

Upcoming dates

The next Extended Classroom TEL Forum will be taking place on Wednesday 30th June, 12-2pm.

In this forum we will be reflecting upon the past year - what lessons we have learnt and where to next. Come along to find out more about the support on offer and shared experiences of a crazy year.

You can book your place here.

We also have a padelt where you can share your thoughts around what next? After a mad year this padlet looks at what next? What would we like to stop/start/continue and what further support you may like to see from LDCU. 

1:00 Welcome
1:10 Service Updates
1:20 How the LDCU can support you? Find out about the work of the LDCU over the past year and find out more about the workshops, resources and podcasts that are available.
1:35 Discussion – reflecting upon the past year. What one thing would you keep?

If you would have something you would like to share or would like to participate in a discussion session then do let us know -

2019-20 Previous Extended Classroom TEL Forum Recordings

Thursday 25th February 2021, 12-2pm. This section focused on the student experience and we were lucky to be joined by the WIHEA student fellows who shared their experiences (challenges, opportunities and hopes) of learning online over the past year. Colleagues also joined us to share their experiences of teaching in a pandemic and developing personliased learning experiences.

  The full agenda can be found here.
  You can view a recording of the forum here.

Tuesday 8th December 2020, 11-1pm. We were joined by colleagues from across Warwick who shared their experiences of moving teaching online, from interactivity to escape rooms, from preparing colleagues to opportunities and challenges of teaching online.

 The full agenda is available here.
You can view a recording of the forum here.

Wednesday 21st October 2020, 12-2pm. Colleagues from across Warwick joined us to share their experiences of digital pedagogies, escape rooms and the move to teaching online. The forum also included an asynchronous element where we invited you to share your challenges around the move to online teaching.

The full agenda is available here.

You can view a recording of the forum here.

Thursday 9th July 2020, 12-2pm. This was our first online forum and we were joined by colleagues who shared their examples of the move to teaching online, enquiry based small group online teaching, the use of teams and vevox and the development of an online resource for degree apprentiships.

The full agenda is available here.

You can view a recording of the forum here.

Call for presenters

If you would like to share your experiences with the wider community at any future forums then let us know - ldcu at warwick dot ac dot uk