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Copy of Studying at CIM

a group of students discussed the centre for interdisciplinary methodologies while sat in a line

Discover our interdisciplinary study programs and apply.

Our unique interdisciplinary environment prepares Master and PHDs students to respond creatively and critically to the rapidly evolving challenges of a world transformed by digital processes.

The Centre offers three state-of-the-art Masters courses: MA in Digital Media and Culture, MASc in Data Visualisation, and MSc in Big Data and Digital Futures

We also offer interdisciplinary PhD programmes.

Student blogs

20 Jun 2023

Let's talk about the "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Machine Learning" module

Having the liberty to choose optional modules is one of the biggest and most exciting perks of being a Master's student at the Centre of Interdisciplinary Methodology department. In this blog post, I will be sharing my reason for choosing the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Machine Learning module in the Big Data and Digital Futures Masters program. I will also share what I have learnt and my experience putting those learnings into practice in my assessments.

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20 Jun 2023

Choosing optional modules

As a student pursuing a Master’s degree in Digital Media and Culture, one of the most exciting aspects of your academic journey is the opportunity to choose optional modules. These modules are designed to you to explore specific areas of interest and to tailor their education to meet your personal and professional goals. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Media Activism in the Digital Media and Culture Master's course.

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20 Jun 2023

Master’s Application 101: How to make the most out of it?

The process of searching, evaluating, and applying for a master’s programme was one of the weirdest and most prolific experiences of my life. To some people they seem chaotic and difficult. To some others just a technicality. However, it is more than that as in my case, it helped me understand my desires and it allowed me to challenge myself.

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