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Masters Programmes

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Why Study a Masters at CIM?

Not many problems fit neatly into a single theoretical or methodological approach. Our unique interdisciplinary environment prepares students to respond creatively and critically to the rapidly evolving challenges of a world transformed by digital processes.

Digital media is set to dominate twenty-first century culture and society. This course provides a critical and practice-based understanding of cultural software, from the web and social media platforms to mobile apps and the cloud. You will be introduced to techniques and key concepts for actively engaging with these systems, while reflecting on their social, economic and political stakes.

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Governments, business, industry and third sector organisations increasingly require a deep understanding of big data. This course responds to this growing demand for a new generation of postgraduates who can critically engage with big data theoretically, methodologically and practically. This MSc is also available as a Postgraduate Diploma.

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Data visualisation expertise plays an increasingly central role in science, business, media, tech, policy and advocacy as means to explore, analyse and explain data, and to engage diverse audiences with information. This MASc course enables you to develop the joined-up understanding and end-to-end skills required to design, implement and interpret visualisations in a variety of academic, professional and public contexts. Through methodological, conceptual and practice-based learning, you will develop a data visualisation portfolio, and gain an academically grounded understanding of how visualisations shape knowledge, policy, and engagement. The course, then, will equip you with the broad range of competences required to understand and productively deploy data visualisations as a way of communicating knowledge, as a form of engagement, and a way of seeing the world.

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Awards Available

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CIM Masters Bursaries

A number of CIM Masters Bursaries are available for October 2023 entry. Each bursary will provide a £8,000 contribution towards tuition fees, and both Home and Overseas candidates are eligible to apply. Please see the Course Pages for details.

Deadline for applications (Overseas): 17th July 2023

Deadline for applications (Home): 17th August 2023

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Li Xiaoming Scholarships

A scholarship in memory of Li Xiaoming. Available to Masters level students from the People's Republic of China.

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Postgraduate Loans

Home / EU students may be eligible to apply for a loan to support their study and living costs. Postgraduate Loans have to be paid back.

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Warwick Postgraduate Sanctuary Scholarships

Scholarships to support refugee, humanitarian protection and asylum seeking students in the UK.

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Warwick Alumni Discount Scheme

10% tuition fee discount will be available to Warwick graduates who have Home/EU or Overseas fee status. You must be a graduate of Warwick at any level of qualification.

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Warwick Taught Masters Scholarships

Bursaries to support Home/EU Masters students who satisfy certain eligibility criteria.

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For detailed guidance on the application process, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.