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Digital media today affect all aspects of everyday, professional and public life, and understanding its significance requires interdisciplinary knowledge. Based at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (CIM) at the University of Warwick, the MA Programme in Digital Media and Culture is an advanced one-year postgraduate degree that addresses the role of digital technologies, media, and infrastructures in relation to culture, economics, politics, and society.

Drawing on multiple disciplines, the degree supports critical approaches to key topics in digital culture, including platformisation, participatory culture, media activism, digital labour and political economy, privacy and surveillance, behavioural design, data critique, and environmental sustainability.

Our teaching combines theory, research methods, and creative practice. By selecting from a diverse offering of modules, students will have, for instance, the opportunity to learn data analytics and visualisation, to engage with speculative design and media art, and to discuss concepts in fields ranging from software studies to environmental humanities.

Based at a research centre promoting cutting-edge scholarship in these areas, our degree is primarily research-driven. MA students will be encouraged to select their own path through the degree and contribute to the culture of CIM by attending invited talks, participating in workshops, and organising interdisciplinary symposiums.

The Digital Media and Culture MA is aimed at students from a range of disciplinary backgrounds who want to learn more about the emerging field of digital culture and media. Although no specific background is required, your application must demonstrate an ability to work creatively and independently as well as an interest in contemporary developments in digital media and culture.

Digital media and culture (MA)

Digital processes are transforming culture, the economy and society. This course explores the origins and impact of these changes. It gives you the training to understand and make use of digital media critically, creatively and productively.

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Graduate Testimonial:

He Shuhui

MA Digital Media and Culture

“I had previously studied Journalism in my undergraduate program. However, in this vibrant and fast-changing digital age, I am in need of a more insightful understanding of the relationship between digital media and modern society. In order to discover more possibilities of my career path, I chose Digital Media and Culture to pursue my master’s degree.

One of the most interesting aspects I have experienced during my time with CIM is the clash of various opinions on same issues from multiple dimensions, of which valuable thought experiments proved to be conducive to my ability to think critically. Module tutors have always surprised me with a wide range of academic perspectives to support me unlock the new knowledge and I encountered many “WOW” moments opening my mind to many new areas of interest.

My MA study has led me to the intersection between people and media, culture and society, it has helped me cultivate an interdisciplinary way of thinking and practicing. This, apart from becoming a journalist, I have a great variety of career options available. I am currently in a UNESCO traineeship programme, contributing to the UNESCO GREEN CITIZENS project. This shall be the starting point of my long-term professional aspiration in public affairs.”