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Research project "Ethnic inequalities in cycling"

What are the barriers to cycling amongst ethnic minority groups? What are the policy challenges in achieving cycling equity? The newest CIM research project “Ethnic inequalities in cycling – advocacy and policy in London” aims to answer these questions using a mixed methods design. The project is funded by the Institute of Advanced Study research grant, secured by Dr Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel (CIM).

Wed 03 Aug 2022, 13:13 | Tags: mobilities, inequalities, Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel

CIM Writing Retreat for Early Career Researchers

May was a particularly busy time at CIM with regular academic events, such as a Research Away Day or Grant Sprint. This year we also organised a Writing Retreat for Early Career Researchers (ECRs).

The retreat was a three-day log event where junior members of academic staff gathered to work simultaneously on their writing projects. On top of the packed agenda of writing sessions, the retreat was an opportunity to meet in person for the first time since Covid-19.

The group of ECRs at CIM includes Research and Teaching Fellows. The group was established to create a space for peer collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange, on top of daily research projects and teaching duties that ECRs are engaged within. The Writing Retreat was designed collaboratively, and the organisation was led by Dr Chiara Poletti and Dr Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel, with a great support of professional staff at CIM. We implemented an open-ended form of collaboration for writing, peer-led discussion, and exchange so that the retreat can take place in an iterative way and in a collegial environment.

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CIM Early Career Researchers working on their writing projects. Author: Dr Daniele Pizio

Dr Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel from CIM presented her latest research project “Mobilities injustice and regional inequalities in cycling to work”

Zofia’s presentation was delivered during the 4th ERSA Winter School. The event is aimed at young researchers, where they work together with top experts in the field of spatial methods. The 5-day training focused on applied spatial quantitative methods such as spatial econometrics, spatial statistics and spatial machine learning. These are used in regional sciences, economic geography and urban studies.

Zofia’s study aims to look for spatial dependence between regional inequalities and cycling inequity. Her ERSA presentation focused on the spatial model that shows spatial disparities in cycling among London boroughs. The research results will be presented in the upcoming journal publication.

Tue 03 May 2022, 15:19 | Tags: Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel

“Uncovering social and regional inequalities using spatial data and interdisciplinary methods” – a workshop led by Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel

Dr Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel ran a CIM Research Workshop on 19th of May 2021. It aimed to bridge participants on campus and those joining online together. The workshop focused on an interdisciplinary approach to researching inequalities around the role of regional science and spatial data in stimulating policy discussions around inequalities.

Mon 07 Jun 2021, 09:11 | Tags: Workshop big data Zofia Bednarowska-Michaiel