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Noortje Marres (Associate Professor)

Noortje Marres (Associate Professor)

My work contributes to the interdisciplinary field of Science, Technology and Society (STS) and investigates issues at the intersection of innovation, everyday environments and public life: participation in technological societies; the role of mundane objects and devices in engagement; living experiments; the changing relations between social life and social science in a digital age. I also work on research methodology, in particular issue mapping, and am interested in developing creative forms of inquiry between the social sciences, technology and the arts. I am currently a Visiting Professor in the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at the University of Leiden (the Netherlands), and a Mercator Fellow in the Media of Cooperation Research Programme at the University of Siegen (Germany).
Further information: personal site.

Research Profile

Science and technology studies, digital methods, issue mapping, technologies of participation, controversy analysis, actor-network theory, living experiments.

Academic Profile

I joined Warwick and CIM in September 2015 having previously held posts at Goldsmiths, University of London (2011-2015; 2007-2009), the University of Oxford (2009-2011), and the University of Amsterdam (2005-2007). I was a Visiting Fellow at the Berlin Social Science Centre in 2014. At Goldsmiths, I directed the Centre for Invention and Social Process (2011-2015). I hold a MSc and a MA in Sociology and Philosophy of Science and Technology from the University of Amsterdam (both cum laude), and conducted my doctoral research at that same university, and at the Ecole des Mines (Paris).


Scoping issues in autonomous vehicle research at the science/society interface, Research development Project, University of Warwick, 2016-2017.

Issue Mapping Online, funded by the ESRC Digital Social Research Programme, 2011-2013.


Inventing the Social (N. Marres, M. Guggenheim and A. Wilkie (eds.)) (Mattering Press, forthcoming)

Digital Sociology: the Reinvention of Social Research (Polity, 2017)

Material Participation: Technology, the Environment and Everyday Publics (Palgrave, 2012)

Selected Publications

Marres, N. (2018) "What if nothing happens? Street trials of driverless cars as experiments in participation" In: TechnoScience in Society, Sociology of Knowledge Yearbook. S. Maassen, and Dickel, S. and Schneider, C. H. (eds.), Nijmegen: Springer/Kluwer.

Marres, N., J. Lezaun and M. Tironi (2016), "Experiments in Participation", The Science and Technology Studies Handbook, Volume 4, edited by C. Miller, E. Smitt-Doer, U. Felt and R. Fouche (eds.), Cambridge: MIT Press.

Marres, N. (2015) "Why Map Issues? On Controversy as a Digital Method." Science, Technology & Human Values 40: 655-686, doi:10.1177/0162243915574602, [article]

C. Lury, and N. Marres (2015) Notes on Objectual Valuation, in: Making Things Valuable, edited by M. Kornberger, L. Justessen, A. Koed Madsen and J. Mouritsen, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Marres, N. and C. Gerlitz (2015) "Interface Methods: Renegotiating relations between digital social research, STS and sociology." Sociological Review, 14 August, doi: 10.1111/1467-954X.12314

Marres, N., & Weltevrede, E. (2013). Scraping the Social? Issues in live social research. Journal of Cultural Economy, 6(3), 313-335

Marres, N., & Lezaun, J. (2011). Materials and devices of the public: an introduction. Economy and society, 40(4), 489-509

Marres, N. (2007). The issues deserve more credit pragmatist contributions to the study of public involvement in controversy. Social Studies of Science, 37(5), 759-780

Marres, N. (2005) No issue, no public: Democratic deficits after the displacement of politics, Doctoral dissertation, University of Amsterdam, [dissertation]

Other Materials

Marres, N. (2015) What makes a public affair? Haus der Kunst, Munich, April 16, [video]

Marres, N. interview with M. Carrigan (2014) about Digital Sociology, LSE Impact Blog, December 3, [interview]

Modules Taught

  • IM904 - Digital Objects, Digital Methods
  • IM920 - Digital Sociology

Noortje Marres (Associate Professor)


Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies
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Email:N dot Marres at warwick dot ac dot uk
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Office hours: Wednesdays 15:00-16:00
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