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Socialising ‘Big Data’

With the turn to ‘big data’ analytics in business, government and academia, complex issues of behaviour change, risk management and harm prevention are framed in terms of data collection, mining, aggregation, visualisation and synthesis.

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Materializing Number Through Measure

Numbers are not abstractions, but situated material-semiotic entities.

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Food Matters

Food and eating provides a fascinating way into exploring socio-cultural change in general, and a specific phenomenon through which to explore the ways in which social change occurs across multiple levels of everyday life.

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Visualizing Climate Change Adaptation

This initiative focusses on the use of innovative data integration and visualization technology to both capture and communicate insights about what is at the core of successful climate change adaptation interventions.

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Time-Space Trajectories of Well-Being and Place

This project brings together a group of UK and US scholars to push forward a cutting-edge research agenda in the interdisciplinary modelling of complex epidemiological trajectories of wellbeing and place.

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