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Seminar 9: Complexity and time

Seminar 9. Complexity and Time: Reflections on the Seminar Series

Date: Friday 24 February 2016

In this final seminar of the series, we will reflect on the seminar series as a whole, especially by exploring the issue of Time. Although time has been a feature of previous seminars (most notably Seminar 6 on Change and Method, here we spend a bit more time on the specific problem of time and the methodological challenges time brings to studying complex systems specifically. Questions that will be explored include:

  • How does time impact on how we account for the complex causes and effects of time?
  • How we do study a complex social entity that changes over the time we study it (and when the data and methods may change over time too)?
  • What kinds of alternative temporal concepts or appraoches might a complex systems appraoch provoke with respect to studying complex social systems over time?
  • How might we combine different time-frames within the same study?

Confirmed speakers include: tbc.