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Seminar 1: What are you working on?

Seminar 1. What are you working on? The state-of-the-art of complexity method

Date: Friday 21 February 2014

The goal of the first three seminars is to survey the field of complexity methods and to address the issue of quantification and the value of qualitative methods and metaphorical approaches to complexity research. In this first seminar, we review key methodological approaches people are working on and the problems and opportunities raised by those approaches. Full AGENDA here.


Part 1: Introductions

Prof. David Byrne (School of Social Science, Durham)
Prof. Brian Castellani (Sociology, Kent State, US)
Dr. Emma Uprichard (Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies, Warwick)

Part 2: Interdisciplinary Social Complexity

Perspectives from Engineering/Health

Dr. Robin Purshouse (Department of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering, Sheffield)
Daniel Moyo (Department of Automatic Control & Systems Engineering, Sheffield)
Prof. Alan Brennan (School of Health & Related Research, University of Sheffield)

Perspectives from Computing/Biology

Prof. Susan Stepney (Computing, York)
Dr. Leo Caves (Biology, York)

Perspectives from Sociology

Prof. Sylivia Walby OBE (Sociology, Lancaster)