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Conferences Old

Neural Coding and Computation

University of Manchester, UK
31 August, 2010 - forthcoming

Single Neuron Morphologies and Computation

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
8 to 9 July, 2010

International Summer School on Computational Neuroscience and Gene Circuits

University of Warwick, UK
3 to 7 July, 2010

Ottawa Computational Neuroscience Summer School

University of Ottawa, Canada
13 to 25 June, 2010

EPSRC Symposium Workshop on Dendrites, Neurons and Networks

University of Warwick, UK
7 to 10 June, 2010

Mathematical Neuroscience

University of Edinburgh, UK
19 to 21 April, 2010
Poster presented

Complex System Dynamics - Network Dynamics

University of Manchester, UK
10 March, 2010


University of Bristol, UK
10 to 12 December, 2009

The Computational Brain

University of Leicester, UK
23 November 2009

European Conference on Complex Systems

University of Warwick, UK
21 to 25 September, 2009
Poster presented