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Digital Courses

We have a variety of online courses on offer to students. On this page you will find out details about each of the courses that we offer and how to apply for those courses.

Whether you are curious about innovation and entrepreneurship, harbour a passion for social innovation/entrepreneurship or have an idea that you are already developing there is something available for everyone.

All of our courses are digital which means you will complete them online either at your own pace or following a schedule.

Completing one of our programmes will prepare you to apply for funding to support your idea.

Steps to Start-up


Steps to Startup is an e-learning launchpad programme for social and environmental entrepreneurs - and it’s available to you now for free. If you’ve spotted an opportunity for change and are ready to take your idea to the next level, you’ll quickly learn how to do just that in Steps to Startup. Maybe you want to know how to better define your social or environmental problem; discover how to build support for your cause; where to find your customers; or maybe you are interested in learning more about socially / environmentally focused business models?

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Start-up Sherpas

Warwick Enterprise are delighted to be working in partnership with the Start-up Sherpas platform to bring a revolutionary digital space where students can start their own startup guided day by day through the process of “How” to turn an idea into a startup.
The Startup Sherpas programme is just 25 minutes a day with a single mission to complete. Follow the journey and bring your idea to life.

What Start-up Sherpa's say about the platform

This is a a super-simple step-by-step daily task approach to building your own startup. It is the ideal way to learn the process you need to go through to bring your ideas to life and at the same time build your own startup. The programme will take you through the method to lead you through all of the steps needed to validate and launch your very own business.

As well as this being an opportunity to learn best in class innovation and entrepreneurship methods, it’s also an opportunity to learn about yourself, your ideas and what you want to contribute to the world.
The skills you pick up through this programme aren’t only the skills you need to be your own boss. They are also the skills employers are looking for, and will help you stand out in any career you choose.
On top of all that, you’ll find this journey is about having fun, making new friends and discovering exciting opportunities.

The programme will begin on 24th January 2022 so please register using the form below by midnight on 21st January 2022

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Warwick Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme


This online programme is designed to foster your ability to think like an entrepreneur and develop innovative products and services. It will equip you with the skills to drive innovation in the organizations and teams you are part of, to embrace risk and learn how to generate, pivot and execute your ideas. You will be part of a team that will harness and celebrate the skills and talents of its members, together with the support of the Warwick Enterprise Partnership.

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Warwick Coursera Courses


There are a number of innovation and entrepreneurship courses available to students at Warwick via our partnership with Coursera.

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