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Steps to Start-up

Before registering for the Steps to Start-up programme, please read the following guidance to help you understand the process here

Before you access the programme we need to know which stage you are at.

When you complete the form below please use the following list as a guide to diagnosing your stage in the process:

1. Defining The Problem

2. Planning Your Social Impact

3. Building Support For Your Cause

4. Testing Ideas On A Small Scale

5. Finding Your Customers

6. Designing Your Business Model

7. Securing The Funding

8. Getting Ready For Take-off

What is the problem that you hope to solve?

How will your idea make a positive change?

How will you gain support with your idea?

How to test your idea to be sure there it could work?

How do you find the right customers that would be interested in your idea?

How will your business make money?

How will you secure funding?

Your idea/business is ready, what next?

Once you have completed the registration form below we will aim to get your enrolment completed within 24 hours. You will receive email confirmation when this has been completed with login details and you are able to start completing the programme. If you would like to discuss the programme or receive support our innovation fellows, Giacomo Bottoli and Lara Onel are available for support so please do get in touch with them.

Which stage do you consider yourself to be at? (required)
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