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ESRC Seminar Series "Sleep and Society: Critical Themes, Future Agendas"


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You are warmly invited to participate in this ESRC funded seminar series on 'Sleep and Society', co-organised by sociologists at the University of Warwick and the University of Surrey'


Aims and objectives


Final ESRC Report(Word Document)

Sociology Online: Special Section: Gender, Sleep and the Life Course: A Sociological Approach

Editors' Introduction: Gender, Sleep and the Life Course




PAST Seminars


Seminar 1: 'Sleep, wakefulness and everyday/night life: social, cultural and historical perspectives' - 3rd December 2004, Room S0.08, Social Studies Building, University of Warwick.

Seminar 2: 'Sleep, intimacy and family life' - 26th April 2005, University of Surrey

Seminar 3: 'Children and sleep' 27th June 2005, Room 17a, Physical Sciences Building, University of Warwick

Seminar 4: 'Ageing, Sleep and the Body' 21st October 2005, University of Surrey, Guildford

Seminar 5:'Sleep, Medicine and Health' 2nd December 2005, University of Warwick

Seminar 6:'Sleep, Worktime and Work Ethics' 14th March 2006, University of Warwick

Seminar 7: 'Researching sleep: connections, challenges and future agendas'(Word Document) - 8th December 2006, Room tbc, University of Warwick.

Download abstracts here(Word Document)  


New Book
Sleep and Society: Sociological Adventures into the (Un)known
by Simon J. Williams