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Maria Stuttaford

Senior Research Fellow


My research is mainly in the area of health as a human right, focusing on: where, when and how civil society organisations use a human rights approach to tackle health inequalities; the right to health in the context of plural health seeking behaviour; and the right to health in remote areas. I mainly use participatory research approaches and have a particular interest in developing the use of applied theatre for validating and disseminating research. I am actively involved in multidisciplinary projects within the field of health and social policy in Europe and Southern Africa with the public and voluntary sectors, in both urban and rural settings.


In my social science first degree I majored in geography and went on to postgraduate study to specialise in health geography. I have held posts at the University of Warwick and University of St Andrews in the UK and at the University of Maastricht in The Netherlands. I continue to have honorary appointments at Warwick and St Andrews and also the University of Cape Town, South Africa. My research is both applied, for example, developing a learning network of civil society organisations in South Africa with which to undertake research, and theoretical, for example, the development of a conceptual framework of ‘sites for health rights’.

Current Research Projects

Health and Human Rights Learning Network (with Universities of Cape Town, Western Cape and Maastricht) ,various funding since 2007-2014

The Warwick Model for Strengthening the Impact of Research Through Live and Digital Ethnodrama, (with Lewando-Hundt, Bryanston, Harrison, Neelands, Monk, Singh, Slowther, Broome, Boardman) Warwick Impact Fund, University of Warwick, 2012-13.


Funded as Principal Investigator

A Learning Network for the Right to Health: Civil society and academic collaboration to contextualise human rights within an African perspective (with Prof Leslie London), British Academy and Association of Commonwealth Universities, 2010-2011, £4,950.

Pathways out of Homelessness: the Relationship Between Housing Status and Engagement with Substance Misuse Therapies (with Prof Joe Doherty and Iain Atherton), Centre for Housing Research, University of St Andrews, 2007-2008.

Global Health and Human Rights: Theory, Process and Substance (with Prof Gillian Lewando Hundt, University of Warwick and Prof John Harrington, University of Liverpool), ESRC Research Seminar Series Competition, 2006-2008.

Exploring Collective Rights to Public Health for Homeless People (with Prof Gillian Hundt and Prof Panos Vostanis), ESRC responsive mode, 2004-2005.

Engaging in Research Collaboration with University of Cape Town, South Africa, The Royal Society of Edinburgh International Exchange Programme, 2005, £1,049.

Funded as Co-Investigator

Health and Human Rights Learning Network (with Professors Leslie London, Nomafrench Mbombo and Fons Coomans), South African National Research Foundation, 2010-2012.

The Role of a Right to Health Approach in Access to Complimentary Therapies, (with Professor Gillian Lewando Hundt), British Academy, 2010, £7,418.

A Learning Network for the Right to Health: An opportunity for civil society and academic collaboration to contextualise human rights within an African perspective, (with Professor Leslie London, Professor Nomafrench Mbombo, Professor Chuma Himonga), funded by UCT Programme for Enhancement of Research Capacity: African Research Project on Knowledge Production, 2009-2010. Approx. £11,500

Learning by Doing and Doing by Learning: A Civil Society Network to Realise the Right to Health, (with Prof Leslie London, Dr Lucy Gilson and Dr Marion Heap), funded by SANPAD, 2008-2010.

Evaluation by University of Warwick of Rosetta Life partnership projects across the Pan- Birmingham Palliative Care Network (with Claudette Bryanston, Dr Sheila Galloway, Professor Gillian Hundt), funded by Rosetta Life, 2008-2009.

Evaluation of Mental Health Service Provision for Young Homeless People in Foyers (with Prof Panos Vostanis), funded by Foyer Federation, 2003-2006.

Evaluation of Sure Start Coventry (with Ms Chris Coe and Prof Nick Spencer), funded by Sure Start Coventry, 2003-2006.

maria stuttaford

Maria Stuttaford