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Susan Beckerleg: Publications

Peer-reviewed articles since 2000

Beckerleg, S. (2009) ‘Khat chewing as a new Ugandan leisure activity.’ Journal of East African Studies 3(1):42-54.

S Beckerleg (2008) ‘Khat in East Africa: taking women into or out of sex work?’ Substance Use and Misuse. 43 (2008) 1170-85

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S Beckerleg, Telfer M, Lewando Hundt G (2005) ‘The rise of injecting drug use in East Africa: A case study from Kenya.’ Harm Reduction Journal. 2:12 doi:10.1186/1477-7517-2-12

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G Lewando-Hundt, I Shoham-Vardi, S Beckerleg, I Belmaker, F Kassem, A Abu Jafaar ‘Knowledge, Action and Resistence: ‘The Selective Use of Pre-natal Screening among Bedouin Women of the Negev, Israel.’ Social Science and Medicine. 52, (2001) 561-569, 2001.

G Lewando-Hundt, S Beckerleg, F Kassim A M Abu Jaafar, I Belmaker, I Shoham-Vardi ‘Women’s Health Custom Made: Building on the 40 Day Post Partum Period’ Health Care for Women International 21:529-542, 2000.


Book Chapters since 2000:

Beckerleg S. ‘Khat’ Gale Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictive Behavior 3rd Edition. 2008

Klein A. and Beckerleg S. ‘Building Castles of Spit – The role of khat chewing in worship, work and leisure’ in Goodman J., Lovejoy P. and Sherrat A. (eds.) Consuming Habits (new edition). London: Routledge, 2007.

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S Beckerleg and Gillian Lewando Hundt "Reflections on fieldwork amongst Kenyan Heroin Users.’ In (Eds) Lynne Hume and Jane Mulcock, Anthropologists in the Field: cases in Participant Observation’ New York: Colombia University Press. 2004.

S Beckerleg "Modernity has been Swahilised: The case of Malindi" Eds. P Caplan and F Topan Swahili Modernities: Identity and Power on the East African Coast. Africa World Press. 2004.

Beckerleg S "Technical Continuity and Adaptation of Ritual by Contemporary Swahili Maritime Craftsmen." In Eds Parkin D and Barnes R. Ships and the Development of Marine Technology in the Indian Ocean. , London: Routledge/ Curzon, 2002.