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Applied Performance Group in Health and Social Care and Santé Theatre Warwick


Claudette Bryanston

Theatre Director, Theatre Ethnography


Dr Bradby, Hannah


Dr Dowler, Elizabeth


Dr Fisher, Joanne

Centre for Primary Health Care Studies (CPHCS)

Prof Fulford, Bill


Ms Harrison, Christine

School of Health and Social Studies (SHSS)

Prof Hundt, Gillian

School of Health and Social Studies (SHSS)

Ms Hutchinson, Evette


Prof Johnson, Mark

De Montfort University

Prof Matthews, Sarah Centre for Primary Health Care Studies (CPHCS)
Dr Paul, Moli Warwick Medical School
Pawlikowska, Teresa Centre for Primary Health Care Studies (CPHCS)
Pedley, Catherine School of Theatre Studies
Prof Ramamoorthi, Parasuram  

The aims of this group are: 

The Applied Theatre Research Group brings together people who have developed a shared interest in the uses of applied theatre in research and education. It in part grew out of work carried out for the SASPI (Southern Africa Stroke Prevention Initiative) by Dr Maria Stuttaford and Professor Gillian Hundt after collaborating with Claudette Bryanston on methodologies and approach to using participatory theatre. The project used community theatre and storytelling at village meetings in order to disseminate and validate the research findings from this project.

  • 29-31 October 2011, Suspense Puppetry Festival: Theatre Production
  • 7 June 2011 - Passing On: A performed reading of a play developed from research with a post show discussion
  • September 2006 - 'Round Table Discussion' at Warwick University to begin exploring potential next steps following the January event, particularly in relation to potential collaborative academic / practitioner research development opportunities.
  • January 2006 - Day Event on 'Evaluation of Applied Theatre' for applied theatre practitioners/makers and researchers. A consultation exercise with network members around a proposal to develop a seminar series was launched with a fantastic response and proposals. Further funding bids are being explored.
Research Projects

Title: Evaluation of the Rosetta Life Partnership Projects Across the Pan-Birmingham Palliative Care Network

Funding body: NHS Pan-Birmingham Palliative Care Network

PI: Professor Gillian Hundt, Dr Sheila Galloway, Claudette Bryanston, Dr Maria Stuttaford

Title: The Use of Live Performance and Electronic Media to Explore the Social and Ethical Impacts of Genetic Prenatal Screening

Funding body: Wellcome People Award, Wellcome Trust.

PI: Professor Gillian Hundt, Co Investigators: Ms Claudette Bryanston, Dr Kevin Spencer and Professor Jane Sandall.

Selected publications

Bryanston, C., Stuttaford, M., and Walter, I., 2005: Acting Up: Using theatre to validate and disseminate findings from evaluation and research, Evaluator, Summer, 16-19.

Stuttaford M., Bryanston,C., Lewando Hundt G., Connor M. Thorogood M. Tollman S. (2006)The Use of Applied Theatre in Health Research Dissemination and data validation : A Pilot study from South Africa Health 10:31-45