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Disability and Health


Dr Janet Read , School of Health and Social Studies, University of Warwick.

The aim of this Research Development Group is:
  • To develop research and theory which enhances understanding of the range of factors which shape the circumstances and life experiences of disabled children and adults and those close to them.

new.gif13 February 2012 Workshop: 'People with Learning Disabilities: Promoting Health and Real Jobs'

March 2009 - 'Identifying the Circumstances of Disabled Children: A Global Perspective'(PDF Document) - Professor David Gordon, University of Bristol.

November 2008 - 'Kids with Disabilities: Definitions, Classifications and Human Rights(PDF Document)- Professor Jerome Bickenbach, Queen's University, Canada

July 2007 - ‘Disability Equality and Human Rights’. Speakers: Camilla Parker, independent human rights consultant and mental health law specialist, and Chih Hoong Sin, Head of Research, Disability Rights Commission.

June 2007 - Human Rights and Disability: implications for practice . Speaker: Dr Janet Read, University of Warwick. Workshop for practitioners and managers in the MRC network.

April 2007 - Institute of health Seminar ‘Can we count them? Disabled Children and their Households’: Speakers: Dr Clare Blackburn, Professor Nick Spencer and Dr Janet Read, University of Warwick.

March 2007 - ‘Can We Count Them? Scoping Data on Disabled Children and their Households’. National Conference.

January 2007 -  ‘Disabled Children and the Right to Life’: Speakers: Professor Luke Clements, Cardiff University Law School and Dr Janet Read, University of Warwick.

Research projects

Title: Can we Count Them? : Disabled Children and their Households

PI and Co-applicants: Read, Spencer, Blackburn

Funding body: ESRC. Dates: 2006-7

Amount: 26,000

Title: A Review of Home Care and Support for People with Sight Loss

Dates: March-October 2005

PI and Co-applicants: J. Read, G. Hundt

Funding body: Thomas Pocklington Trust

Amount: £9,976


Selected Publications



Clements L and Read J (2008) (eds) Disabled People and the Right to Life: the protection and violation of disabled people’s most basic human rights. London: Routledge.

Read J, Clements L and Ruebain D. (2006) Disabled Children and the Law: Research and Good Practice London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. (2nd Edition)

Clements L and Read J (2005) ‘The dog that didn’t bark: the issue of access to rights under the European Convention on Human Rights’ in A. Lawson and C. Gooding (eds) Disability Rights in Europe. Oxford: Hart Publishing



Blackburn C, Read J and Spencer N (2007) ‘Can we count them? Scoping data sources on disabled children and their households in the UK.’ Child, Care, Health and Development 33(3), 291-295.