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Knowledge, Innovation, and E-Health Group


Professor Jeremy Wyatt, Warwick Manufacturing Group

Fadhila Mazanderani, Warwick Medical School

The aims of this Research Development Group are:
  • To advance interdisciplinary research in the areas of knowledge, innovation and the use of new information and communications technologies in healthcare.
  • To foster collaboration across departments at Warwick researching information and communication technologies in healthcare and those investigating the implications of these innovations on medical practice, patients’ experiences and society more generally.
  • To invite external speakers to give seminars on relevant topics.
  • To organise a journal club and inspire cross-disciplinary research discussions.

Forthcoming Events

The group meets regularly and organises periodical seminars and workshops.

Past events

Research projects

Title: The Organization and Management of Clinical Trials

PI and co-applicants: Jacky Swan (Warwick Business School - WBS), Maxine Robertson (Queen Mary University of London - QMUL)

Research Fellow: Sarah Evans

Funding Body: EPSRC – the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre

Dates: October 1st 2007 – September 30th 2009.

Title: Improving the Capacity of Healthcare Organisations to Act on Evidence in Patient Safety

PI and Co-applicants: Davide Nicolini (WBS), Justin Waring (Nottingham), Peter Spurgeon ( WMS) Jacky Swan (WBS) and Alessia Contu (WBS)

Funding body: EPSRC – the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre

Dates: 1st January 2008- 30 August 2009

Amount: £222,529

Title: Understanding the Historical Evolution of Pharmacy Practice. A Cross National Study

PI: Davide Nicolini

Funding body: WBS R&D Fund

Dates: April 2007 – June 2008

Amount: £3000 (UK budget only)

Web links:

Title: Managing and Exploiting Knowledge: Research Councils UK Research Fellow

PI and Co-applicants: Jacky Swan (WBS), Davide Nicolini (RCUK Fellow, WBS)

Funding body: RCUK

Dates: October 2005-Sept 2010

Amount: £125,000

Title: Net Effects: The Internet, Health and Health Care

PI: John Powell ( WMS)

Funding body: NCCRCD

Dates: December 2006-December 2009

Amount: £366176

Title: Social Acceptability of a Medi-Ipod

PI: Peter Byranston Cross and Gillian Hundt

Dates: April – September 2006

Funding Body: Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre

Amount: £3,000

Title: The Evolution of Biomedical Knowledge: Interactive Innovation in The UK and US

Funding Body: ESRC/EPSRC Research Grant under the Evolution of Business Knowledge Programme.

Dates: September 2003-November 2006

PI and Co-applicants: Jacky Swan (WBS), Maxine Robertson (QMUL), Sue Newell (Bentley College Boston and WBS), Mike Bresnen (University of Leicester).

Research Fellows: Markus Perkmann (to February 2005), Miriam Mendes (to July 2005), Anna Goussevskaia (from May 2005), Ademola Obembe (from Sept 2005).

Amount: £525,000 (£425,000 ESRC, £100,000 EPSRC).


Title: Knowledge Management Systems for ‘Lean’ Healthcare

PI and Co-applicants: Davide Nicolini (Warwick Business School), John Powell (Warwick Medical School), Laura Martinez-Solano (Warwick Manufacturing Group)

Funding body: EPSRC – the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre

Dates: April – September 2006

Amount: £33,900

Web links:

Title: Learning From Practice

PI and Co-applicants: Jacky Swan, Harry Scarbrough, Maxine Robertson (QMUL),

Research Fellows: Paul Conville, Douglas Archibald. Advisors: Richard McDermott, Andrew Parker

Funding Body: EPSRC (Warwick Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre)

Dates: March 2005-October 2006

Amount: £78,000 (plus industry contribution of £6,700)


Selected publications

Archibald, D., McDermott, R., Conville, P and Parker, A. Communities of Practice Benchmarking Report, Knowledge and Innovation Network, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Archibald, D and McDermott, R. Innovation in Communities of Practice: The Evolving Role of Communities in Organizations. Knowledge and Innovation Network, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick.

Archilbald, D., McDermott, R.,Conville, P. and Parker A. Using Communities of Practice to Improve Individual and Organizational Performance: Guidelines for Good Practice.

Bruni, A., Fasol, R., Nicolini, D. (2005) “Una prospettiva sociologica allo studio della telemedicina” (Towards a social perspective on the study of telemedicine), Sociologia del Lavoro, 98, pp.145-158.

Newell, S., Bresnen, M., Edelman, L., Scarbrough, H. and Swan, J. (2006). Sharing knowledge across projects: Limits to ICT-led project review practices. Management Learning, 37, 2, 167-185.

Newell, S., Goussevskaia, A., Swan, J., Robertson, M., Bresnen, M., Obembe, A. Managing interdependencies in interactive project contexts: The case of biomedical innovation. Long Range Planning (forthcoming)

Newell, S and Edelman, L. (2007) Developing a dynamic project learning and cross-project learning capability: Synthesizing two perspectives, Information Systems Journal (forthcoming)

Nicolini, D. (2007) “Stretching out and expanding medical practices. The case of telemedicine”. Human Relations, 60 (6), pp. 889-920.

Nicolini, D. (2006) “The work to make telemedicine work: A social and articulative view”, Social Science & Medicine, vol.62, pp.2754-2767 (Shortlisted for the 2007 AMIA Diana Forsythe Best Paper of the Year Award).

Nicolini D, Powell J, Conville P, Martinez-Solano L. (2007) Managing Knowledge in the healthcare sector. A Review. International Journal of Management Reviews, 9(4).

Nicolini D, Powell J, Martinez-Solano L , Conville P (2006) Managing knowledge in the UK health sector: state of the art and future perspectives. Final report of the Phase II scoping project. Available electronically at

Robertson, M. (2007) Translating breakthroughs in genetics into biomedical innovation: The case of UK Genetic Knowledge Parks, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 19, 2, 189-204

Swan, J., Bresnen, M., Newell, S. and Robertson, M. The object of knowledge: The role of objects in interactive innovation. Human Relations (forthcoming)

Swan, J.,Goussevskaia, A., Newell, S., Robertson, M., Bresnen, M. and Obembe, A. (2007) Modes of organizing biomedical innovation in the UK and US and the role of integrative and relational capabilities, Research Policy, 36, 4, 529-547

Swan, J., Newell, S., Robertson, M., Goussevskaia, A. and Bresnen, M. (2007) The role of institutional differences in biomedical innovation processes: A comparison of the UK and US, International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management, 8, 3/4, 333-353.

Swan, J. and Scarbrough, H. (2005) The politics of networked innovation, Human Relations, 58(7), 913-943

Events Calendar


Prof Baxi, Upendra, Law Department, University of Warwick
Berridge, Virginia,  London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)
Ms Biggerstaff, Deborah,  WMS
Dr Bradby, Hannah, Sociology
 Prof Bryanston-Cross, Peter, Engineering
Dr Chappel, Mike,  Engineering
Clayton, Matthew  Department of Politics and International Studies
Professor Cowling, Keith, Economics
Dr Dhillon, Amrita,  Economics
Dr Dowler, Liz,  Sociology
Dr Easton, Andrew,  Biological Sciences
Professor Fuller, Steve,  Sociology
Dr Grimshaw, Gill, WMS
Ms Halliday, Sam, Institute of Medicine, Law and Bioethics (University of Liverpool)
Mr Harrington, John, Institute of Medicine, Law and Bioethics (University of Liverpool)
Dr Hearnshaw, Hilary  Centre for Primary Health Care Studies (CPHCS)
Professor Hulten, Maj, Biological Sciences
Professor Hundt, Gillian, School of Health and Social Studies (SHSS)
Dr Hutton, Jane,  Statistics
Mr Leng, Roger,  Law
Dr Leppard, Keith,  Biological Sciences
Prof Masson, Judith,  Law
Dr Meyer, Caroline  Department of Psychology
Dr Paul, Moli  Warwick Medical School
Prof Singer, Donald  Warwick Medical School
Dr Steinberg, Deborah  Sociology
Dr Stuttaford, Maria, University of Maastricht
Prof Sczcepura, Ala,  Centre for Health Service Studies (CHSS)
Tan, Celine  School of Law
Dr Thornett, Andrew Warwick Medical School
Dr Tritter, Jonathan, Sociology
Professor Williams, Simon,  Sociology
Dr Wolkowitz, Carol, Sociology
Prof Wooders, Myrna,  Economics